BTS' J-Hope Pens Heartfelt Letter For Fans Upon ‘HOPE ON THE STREET’ Release
BTS' J-Hope Pens Heartfelt Letter For Fans Upon ‘HOPE ON THE STREET’ Release

In a heartwarming gesture, BTS’ J-Hope accompanies the simultaneous release of his HOPE ON THE STREET docuseries and album with a touching letter to fans. Delighting his audience, J-Hope showcases his profound passion for dance and music, expressing gratitude for their unwavering support and excitement for the project ahead.

BTS’ J-Hope letter of gratitude to ARMYs

In a heartfelt gesture towards his dedicated fans, the ARMYs, BTS’ J-Hope recently penned a touching handwritten letter following the much-anticipated release of his project, HOPE ON THE STREET. On March 29, J-Hope conveyed his gratitude and excitement in a letter that mirrored his unwavering dedication and passion for his art.

BTS' J-Hope's "Hope On The Street Vol.1" end its 1st day on Hanteo with 441,333 copies sold.
BTS’ J-Hope’s “Hope On The Street Vol.1” end its 1st day on Hanteo with 441,333 copies sold.

In his heartfelt message, J-Hope confessed, “This is the result of my busy preparations, and I was a little impatient before the military enlistment.” Despite the challenges, he emphasized his commitment to the project, stating, “I prepared a lot of things quickly, but as expected, work changes a lot in a flexible way!! But it’s a project that I focused on as long as it took me to do it!! That’s why I have a lot of affection!”

The multi-talented artist underscored the significance of the project, saying, “This album and content will allow you to get to know your friend J-Hope a little more than usual, and it is one of the cultures that I want to continue to lead!”

Amidst his nerves and personal aspirations, J-Hope revealed, “I’m still nervous!!!!! Of course, it may be a matter of personal satisfaction, but my goal is to do it until this individual’s satisfaction becomes everyone’s satisfaction!!”


More About J-Hope’s ‘HOPE ON THE STREET’

BTS’ J-Hope introduces ‘HOPE ON THE STREET,’ a captivating project featuring a docuseries and a special album. Premiering the docuseries on March 28, J-Hope explores his dance roots globally. The accompanying album, ‘HOPE ON THE STREET Vol.1,’ drops on March 29, with each track correlating to episodes, promising a diverse musical experience with collaborations. Featuring six tracks, the album promises a diverse musical experience, with collaborations ranging from Hollywood producer Benny Blanco and Nile Rodgers to BTS’ Jungkook and LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin. This dynamic blend of music, dance, and storytelling is set to captivate audiences worldwide.

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