Top 5 BTS Collaborations You Must Add to Your K-pop Playlist
Top 5 BTS Collaborations You Must Add to Your K-pop Playlist

The Korean boy band BTS has taken the world by storm over the years. Renowned for their captivating songs and flawless dance moves, BTS holds a special place in the hearts of their devoted fans, known as ARMY. Here, we delve into some of their best collaborations, showcasing the dynamic synergy between BTS and various global artists. These tracks are sure to be on a loop in your K-pop playlist.

1. “Mic Drop” – BTS (Steve Aoki Remix)

“Mic Drop” is an electrifying collaboration with American DJ and music producer Steve Aoki. The remix version targets haters and critics, delivering a powerful message of confidence and defiance. Steve Aoki, known for his high-energy electronic dance music, adds an explosive touch to the track, making it a global hit. The collaboration showcases BTS’s versatility and Aoki’s unparalleled skill in producing chart-topping remixes.

2. “My Universe” – BTS & Coldplay

“My Universe” is a heartwarming track from Coldplay’s album Music of the Spheres. This collaboration between the British rock band Coldplay and BTS highlights a beautiful blend of styles, combining Coldplay’s anthemic sound with BTS’s smooth vocals and rap. The song celebrates love and unity, transcending language and cultural barriers. Coldplay’s Chris Martin shares vocal duties with BTS members, creating a truly universal anthem.

3. “Boy With Luv” – BTS (feat. Halsey)

“Boy With Luv” features American singer-songwriter Halsey and is one of BTS’s most beloved tracks. In this upbeat and joyful song, Halsey joins Jungkook and Jimin on the chorus, adding her unique vocal charm to the mix. The collaboration is a perfect blend of Halsey’s distinct style and BTS’s vibrant energy, resulting in a track that is both catchy and heartwarming. The music video, filled with vibrant colors and infectious dance moves, further enhances the song’s appeal.

4. “Savage Love” – BTS (Laxed – Siren Beat) [BTS Remix]

“Savage Love,” originally by American singer Jason Derulo and producer Jawsh 685, received a remix featuring BTS that took the song to new heights. The BTS remix incorporates the group’s signature vocals and rap, adding a fresh dimension to the already popular track. The song’s catchy beat and relatable lyrics about love and heartache resonated with fans worldwide, making it a viral hit on social media platforms.

5. “Waste It On Me” – BTS (Steve Aoki)

Another successful collaboration with Steve Aoki, “Waste It On Me,” features BTS members RM, Jungkook, and Jimin. This track is entirely in English, showcasing BTS’s ability to cross language barriers effortlessly. The song discusses themes of love and longing, with Aoki’s production providing a perfect backdrop for BTS’s emotive vocals. “Waste It On Me” stands out as a testament to the group’s global appeal and musical versatility.

BTS’s collaborations with renowned artists from various genres highlight their adaptability and global reach. Each track brings something unique to the table, making these songs essential additions to any K-pop playlist. Whether you are a long-time ARMY or new to BTS’s music, these collaborations offer a glimpse into the magic that happens when different musical worlds collide.

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