ARMY and BTS Forever: HYBE's New APOBANGPO Look Revealed by Producer Pdogg and Creative Director LoneTone
ARMY and BTS Forever: HYBE's New APOBANGPO Look Revealed by Producer Pdogg and Creative Director LoneTone

Seoul, South Korea – June 11, 2024 – In a move that has electrified BTS fans worldwide, HYBE Corporation has revealed a striking new feature at its headquarters in Yongsan, Seoul. The building now proudly displays the word “APOBANGPO,” a term deeply cherished by BTS and their fans. This update comes just in time to commemorate BTS’s 11th debut anniversary on June 13.

BTS Producer Pdogg and Creative Director LoneTone Share Exclusive Photos

On June 10, BTS’s producer Pdogg and creative director LoneTone took to Instagram to share images of the HYBE building’s new look. Both captions read “ARMY and BTS forever,” a nod to the phrase’s meaning. APOBANGPO, coined by BTS’s youngest member Jungkook, stands for “ARMY Forever, BTS Forever,” highlighting the inseparable bond between the group and their fans.

The Significance of APOBANGPO

The idea to inscribe APOBANGPO on the HYBE building was suggested by BTS leader RM during the 2023 BTS FESTA, an annual celebration of their debut anniversary. This year’s inscription marks a special tribute as BTS celebrates its 11th year together. Despite the time elapsed since RM’s initial suggestion, the realization of this idea demonstrates HYBE’s commitment to honoring the band’s wishes and the fans’ sentiments.

Adding to the excitement, BTS’s eldest member Jin is set to complete his military service on June 12. Reports indicate that all BTS members will reunite to welcome Jin, making this year’s FESTA even more special. While most members are currently serving their military duties, the group’s unity and dedication to their fans remain unwavering.

Celebrating BTS FESTA 2024

This year, the festivities will feature a special event where Jin will participate in an in-person “light hug” session with fans, celebrating the group’s journey and achievements. Additionally, Jungkook has released “Never Let Go,” a self-composed song dedicated to BTS ARMY, continuing the tradition of releasing a FESTA song each year.

The transformation of the HYBE building and the upcoming celebrations underscore the enduring legacy of BTS and its profound connection with ARMY. As fans worldwide revel in these developments, the spirit of “ARMY and BTS forever” shines brighter than ever.

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