BTS RM Shows Support For Natty's Solo Track ‘Sugarcoat,’ Fans Can’t Hide Excitement
BTS RM Shows Support For Natty's Solo Track ‘Sugarcoat,’ Fans Can’t Hide Excitement

Netizens were thrilled to see BTS RM express his support not only for Natty but also for KISS OF LIFE as a whole. Unlike some idols who might hesitate to endorse artists from other companies, particularly those of the opposite sex, RM consistently voices his encouragement for junior idols, regardless of their affiliations. Once again, BTS RM showcases his discerning taste in music, acknowledging the talent of KISS OF LIFE and Natty as they make waves in the K-pop scene.

BTS RM (Kim Nam-joon) took to Instagram to support Natty’s solo track ‘Sugarcoat,’ a move that caught the attention of netizens. Despite his ongoing military service, RM remains connected with his fans through social media. Whether sharing snapshots in uniform or vacationing, RM consistently updates his Instagram stories, a gesture warmly received by ARMYs.

BTS RM Shows Support For Natty's Solo Track ‘Sugarcoat,’ Fans Can’t Hide Excitement

BTS RM’s shoutout to Natty’s ‘Sugarcoat’ sparked interest when he shared an Instagram story featuring the fourth-generation female idol’s music from KISS OF LIFE. Natty gained acclaim with her catchy solo track last year, captivating netizens with its infectious melody. RM’s support for the song through his social media post generated excitement among fans, underscoring its popularity and appeal.

More About KISS OF LIFE’s Natty

Anatchaya Suputhipong, professionally known as Natty, is a Thai singer based in South Korea. She gained recognition as a contestant on Mnet’s girl group survival programs Sixteen and Idol School. Natty made her solo debut with the release of her single album ‘Nineteen’ and later debuted as a member of the South Korean girl group KISS OF LIFE.

In 2015, Natty appeared on Mnet’s ‘Sixteen,’ competing for a spot in JYP Entertainment’s girl group, which eventually became Twice. Despite her elimination, she remained a trainee under the label. She later participated in ‘Idol School’ but was eliminated from the potential debut group.

In April 2020, Natty signed with Swing Entertainment, beginning her solo career. Her debut single album ‘Nineteen’ was followed by her first music show appearance on KBS’s Music Bank. Natty returned with her second single album ‘Teddy Bear’ in November. In July 2022, she signed with S2 Entertainment and debuted as a member of KISS OF LIFE in July of the following year.



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