Jihyo From TWICE And Yun Sungbin In Relationship For One Year, Reports Claim
Jihyo From TWICE And Yun Sungbin In Relationship For One Year, Reports Claim

In a surprising turn of events, reports from the media suggest that Jihyo of TWICE and Olympic skeleton athlete Yun Sungbin have been romantically involved for about a year now.

News of this budding relationship has sent shockwaves through the Korean entertainment scene, with fans eager to learn more about the couple. While details remain sparse, it’s been disclosed that the pair began dating around a year ago.

Jihyo and Yun Sungbin Reportedly a Couple According to an exclusive report by SWAY, Jihyo of TWICE and Olympic athlete Yun Sungbin have been in a relationship for approximately one year. The two initially crossed paths through mutual connections, and their bond blossomed into something more over time.

Jihyo from TWICE
Jihyo from TWICE

Love Blossoms: TWICE’s Jihyo and Yun Sungbin’s One-Year Relationship Revealed

Sources revealed that the duo often frequented the Geumho neighborhood in Seoul’s Seongdong district for their outings. Interestingly, they reside just a short drive away from each other, making it convenient for them to spend time together at their respective homes.

Furthermore, insiders shared observations of Yun Sungbin visiting Jihyo’s apartment complex, where they appeared to behave like any other couple, displaying affection towards each other openly.

A source close to the couple disclosed, “Both Jihyo and Yun Sungbin share a passion for fitness, which initially brought them together. Their common interests and shared activities laid the foundation for their romantic relationship, which has flourished rapidly.”

More on TWICE’s Recent Endeavors Meanwhile, TWICE, the powerhouse girl group consisting of Nayeon, Jihyo, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Jeongyeon, Momo, Sana, Mina, and Tzuyu, has been making waves with their latest comeback. Their 13th mini-album, “With YOU-th,” released on February 23, has been met with immense success, topping various global and domestic music charts, including iTunes and Circle.

Featuring six tracks, including the lead single “ONE SPARK” and the pre-release track “I GOT YOU,” the album has garnered impressive sales figures, surpassing their previous first-week sales record.

As TWICE continues to solidify its position in the K-pop landscape, fans eagerly await their next musical endeavor, anticipating yet another groundbreaking achievement for the group.

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