Korean Entertainment Upcoming Korean BL Dramas To Watch In April 2024
Korean Entertainment Upcoming Korean BL Dramas To Watch In April 2024

Get ready for a whirlwind of new Korean BL dramas hitting your screens soon! Thai BL dramas have been stealing hearts worldwide, and now Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam are jumping on the Boys Love bandwagon too. With the craze at its peak, get set for a flood of nearly a hundred new BL series in 2024 alone!

Mark your calendars for April 2024, as Korean BL dramas are set to dazzle audiences with their captivating stories. These shows dive deep into the romantic bonds between male characters, touching on themes of love, friendship, identity, and societal acceptance, all against the vibrant backdrop of South Korean culture. Don’t miss out on the excitement!

Korean BL Dramas To Must Watch In April 2024

Korean BL Dramas
Korean BL Dramas

Love Is Like a Cat

Directed by Kwon Nam Ki, this BL K-drama stars renowned Thai actor Mew, known for his work in the acclaimed BL series ‘TharneType,’ alongside JUSTB’s JM. The story follows global superstar Piuno, haunted by a childhood trauma that has instilled in him an irrational fear of animals. To salvage his career, he must confront this fear by working at a pet daycare, where he develops feelings for the director, Dae Byeol. Premiering on April 1, 2024, each episode airs every Monday, promising viewers an enthralling journey of evolving relationships.


Boys Be Brave

Adapted from the webtoon ‘Can’t Confess,’ this BL K-drama centers on Kim Jin Woo’s hidden affection for his friend Jun Ki Sub. Circumstances force them to live together temporarily, but as their stay prolongs, Kim Jin Woo struggles with concealing his true feelings. Will he find the courage to confess his love? Starring Kim Sung Hyun and Nam Shi An, directed by Lim Hyun Hee, and written by Lee Shin Won, “Boys Be Brave” is set to release on April 25, 2024, promising eight episodes of heartfelt storytelling.

Gray Shelter

Featuring Lee Jae Bin and Jang Woo Young in lead roles, ‘Gray Shelter’ narrates the story of Cha Soo Hyuk, leading a monotonous life until a chance reunion with his old friend, Lee Yoon Dae, rekindles their bond. With Lee Yoon Dae seeking refuge after a breakup, their friendship takes an unexpected turn, complicating matters. Scheduled for release on April 11, 2024, this series offers eight simultaneous episodes, promising an exploration of complex relationships.

With their well-developed characters and gripping plots, Korean BL dramas are leading the charge in normalizing LGBTQ+ content. They’re not just shows; they’re a validation of real experiences. With every new release, they’re pushing the envelope, making mainstream media richer with genuine portrayals of love and identity. Get ready to be amazed! 

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