O Yeong-su, Squid Game Star Sentenced To One-Year Imprisonment For Sexual Misconduct
O Yeong-su, Squid Game Star Sentenced To One-Year Imprisonment For Sexual Misconduct

Squid Game actor O Yeong-su, renowned for his role as Oh Il-nam in the hit Netflix series, is facing potential imprisonment following accusations of sexual misconduct. The allegations were made in the same year the series premiered, leading to a complaint filed against him by a woman. Reports indicate that a final trial took place on February 2 at the Seongnam branch of the Swon District Prosecutors Office, where a one-year jail term and a restriction from working with minors were requested.

O Yeong-su In Squid Game

O Yeong-su, who portrayed player number 001 in the series, initially appeared innocent but later revealed a shocking twist about his character’s true identity as a wealthy businessman and the alleged creator of the Squid Games. The second season of the popular series is set to return this year, with the release of first-look pictures and a teaser on February 1.

Despite his denial of the accusations, stating the court experience as painful and lamenting the potential end of his life’s chapter, O Yeong-su’s lawyers argue a lack of evidence beyond the victim’s testimony. The prosecutors claim he avoided responsibility by referring to the victim as ‘like a daughter,’ causing frustration for the complainant.

The woman alleges that O Yeong-su touched her inappropriately, forcibly hugged her during a hiking incident in 2017, and even accused him of a forced kiss. Following the accusations, O reportedly apologized through text, describing the victim as his daughter. The next hearing for the Squid Game star’s case is scheduled for March 15, 2024.

O Yeong-su, who received accolades such as the Golden Globe Award for Best Supporting Actor in 2022 and an Emmy nomination for his Squid Game Season 1 performance, now faces legal challenges that may impact his career and personal life.

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