BTS Logo Copied? Paik Seung Ho's Birmingham City FC Faces Backlash From BTS Army.
BTS Logo Copied? Paik Seung Ho's Birmingham City FC Faces Backlash From BTS Army.

Birmingham City FC, the professional football club, finds itself embroiled in controversy as it faces allegations of adopting a logo strikingly similar to that of the globally acclaimed K-pop boy band, BTS logo. The emblem, synonymous with BTS’s identity since 2017, represents “Behind The Stage,” with distinctive black vertical elements symbolizing the backstage and thin negative space creating an aura of mystery. The uncanny resemblance has stirred discontent among BTS fans, who accuse Birmingham City FC of potential plagiarism and copyright infringement.

South Korean midfielder Paik Seung Ho
Paik Seung-ho: Birmingham City sign South Korea midfielder

Birmingham City FC’s New Logo (BTS Logo)

The controversy erupted after the club announced the historic signing of South Korean midfielder Paik Seung Ho, marking him as the first South Korean player to join Birmingham City FC. While the club eagerly shared this significant milestone on its official social media platforms, it was a particular post on platform X that sparked the uproar.

The social media post featured a logo in the “coming soon” announcement for Paik Seung Ho, incorporating the initials P S H. However, what caught the attention and ire of K-pop fans, particularly those devoted to BTS, was the striking resemblance of the logo to the iconic BTS emblem. The use of two solid black vertical elements alongside thin negative space bore an undeniable similarity to the BTS logo, leaving fans bewildered and upset.

BTS Army Outrage On Copied BTS Logo

BTS fans swiftly expressed discontent over what they saw as Birmingham City FC appropriating the group’s emblematic design, sparking allegations of plagiarism and copyright infringement on social media. The unexpected similarity with BTS logo raised questions about the football club’s creativity and intent, prompting discussions on the ethical implications of their logo choice. As the controversy gained momentum, fans and the wider public await Birmingham City FC’s official statement addressing the allegations and seeking clarity on the design choices and intellectual property concerns.

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