BLACKPINK's Lisa Launches Solo Label LLOUD.
BLACKPINK's Lisa Launches Solo Label LLOUD.

Exciting news abounds as BLACKPINK’s Lisa takes a groundbreaking step in her music career, unveiling her very own label, LLOUD. With a vision set to redefine the boundaries of music and entertainment, Lisa extends a warm invitation to her fans, urging them to join her on this exhilarating journey.

The announcement of Lisa’s personal label, LLOUD, shook social media platforms as she shared her enthusiasm for this new venture, declaring, “Introducing #LLOUD, a platform to showcase my vision in music and entertainment. Join me on this exciting journey to push through new boundaries together.”

This revelation follows a strategic teaser campaign on Instagram, where Lisa teased fans with monochromatic posters bearing the enigmatic message ‘Coming Soon’ alongside the date ‘02.08.2024’. Speculation ran rampant, with fans pondering potential Hollywood acting debuts after earlier reports hinted at Lisa’s possible involvement in AMC’s The Walking Dead.

However, Lisa surprised everyone by unveiling her entrepreneurial side with the establishment of LLOUD, underscoring her dedication to exploring new horizons in the music and entertainment industry. BLACKPINK’s Lisa As the youngest member of group continues to evolve her multifaceted career, fans eagerly await the innovative contributions she will bring to the global entertainment landscape through her new label.


BLACKPINK’s Lisa And Group In News 

In other news, BLACKPINK’s Lisa and her teammates were honored as Honorary Members of the Order of the British Empire by King Charles III, with South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol in attendance. Additionally, YG Entertainment confirmed BLACKPINK’s group contract renewal while individual negotiations were ongoing. Yet, by December 29, Lisa and others chose not to renew individual contracts with YG Entertainment. Lisa showcased her talent on January 26, 2024, performing SG with DJ Snake at a charity event in Paris organized by Brigitte Macron. She also wowed the audience with a medley of her solo hits Lalisa and Money alongside Orchestre Lamoureux, marking a vibrant start to her musical journey in the new year.

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