BLACKPINK Lisa And Grammy Winner Tyla: The Collab That's Set To Shake The Music World!
BLACKPINK Lisa And Grammy Winner Tyla: The Collab That's Set To Shake The Music World!

Excitement is bubbling up among fans as Grammy-winning artist Tyla drops hints about a potential collaboration with BLACKPINK Lisa. The buzz began when Tyla shared a snippet on March 13, showing her and Lisa enjoying music together in a recording studio, suggesting that something exciting might be in the works.

The speculation gained traction after BLACKPINK Lisa was spotted attending a private listening session for Tyla’s upcoming album. In a video clip from the event, Lisa can be seen grooving to one of Tyla’s tracks, with both artists sharing a positive vibe. This interaction has fueled anticipation, especially considering the evident camaraderie between the two.

Adding fuel to the fire, Tyla later posted a video on her Instagram story featuring herself and Lisa laughing and enjoying each other’s company. In the video, Tyla hinted at collaboration by mentioning, “Definitely a LISA x TYLA collab down the line,” further exciting fans and sparking discussions about what musical magic the duo might create together.

Collaboration Alert: BLACKPINK Lisa & Grammy Winner Tyla Stir Excitement

While fans eagerly await more details, the potential collaboration between BLACKPINK Lisa and Tyla promises an electrifying blend of their unique talents and styles. Both artists are renowned for their musical prowess and stage presence, setting the stage for an unforgettable collaboration that could resonate with audiences worldwide.

BLACKPINK Lisa And Grammy Winner Tyla
BLACKPINK Lisa And Grammy Winner Tyla

In addition to the excitement surrounding a possible collaboration, fans have been keeping tabs on Lisa’s solo endeavors. Since departing from YG Entertainment in 2023, Lisa has been making waves with her solo projects. The launch of her own label, LLOUD, in February 2024 marked a significant milestone in her career. Furthermore, anticipation is high for her acting debut in The White Lotus Season 3, demonstrating her expanding presence in the global entertainment landscape. Lisa’s appearances at prestigious events like Paris Fashion Week and Taylor Swift’s The Eras Tour, along with her support for fellow artists like SHINee, underscore her active involvement in the music industry.

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