You Won't Believe Dakota Johnson's Shocking Confession About Her Time On "The Office"!
You Won't Believe Dakota Johnson's Shocking Confession About Her Time On "The Office"!

In a recent conversation with Seth Meyers, the “Madame Web” star Dakota Johnson didn’t hold back, describing her time on the set of the series finale in 2013 as “honestly the worst time of my life.”

Despite her love for the show, Dakota Johnson’s expectations fell short when she was offered a role in the finale. Initially thrilled, she anticipated a brief stint on set. However, she found herself there for two weeks, with minimal screen time to show for it.

“I loved that show so much,” she reminisced, “and they were like, ‘Do you want to be in the series finale?’ And I was like, ‘Of course,’ thinking that I’d show up for like half a day. I was there for two weeks, and I’m barely in the (expletive) show.”

The atmosphere on set didn’t help matters. Dakota Johnson found herself amidst a somewhat somber mood as the sitcom wrapped up its run, feeling like an outsider in a group of people who had been working together for a decade.

“There were weird dynamics that had been going on for the last 10 years,” she explained. “Some people didn’t speak to each other, and I’m coming in like, ‘So excited to be here!’ And no one wanted to talk to me. Nobody gave a (expletive).”

Dakota Johnson on Late Night with Seth Meyers
Dakota Johnson on Late Night with Seth Meyers

Behind Closed Doors: Dakota Johnson’s Unfiltered Take on The Office Set

Despite her extended time on set, Johnson’s role mostly involved background tasks, such as faxing documents in the background of scenes. This cameo came two years before her breakout role in “Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Interestingly, a Hollywood Reporter profile in 2021 suggested that Johnson’s appearance was intended to set up a spin-off in which she would star. However, this project never materialized.

Reflecting on the experience in a Vanity Fair interview in 2022, Johnson likened her role to “crashing someone’s birthday party when they actually really didn’t mean to invite me.”

Dakota Johnson
Dakota Johnson

For Johnson, it seems her time on “The Office” was far from memorable, but it’s undoubtedly a story she won’t forget anytime soon.

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