Kate Garraway Reflects On The Impact Of Being Called A Widow During Her Return To GMB
Kate Garraway Reflects On The Impact Of Being Called A Widow During Her Return To GMB

Kate Garraway, at 56, candidly shared her experience of being referred to as a widow for the first time since the passing of her husband, Derek Draper, 56, during her return to Good Morning Britain.

Following Derek’s funeral last week, Kate Garraway made her emotional comeback to the show alongside Ben Shephard, 49, where she opened up about a poignant encounter with a delivery driver.

Kate Garraway recounted the moment, stating,

“The other day, someone called me a widow for the first time. It really caught me off guard. It was an Amazon delivery person who expressed condolences, saying, So sorry for your loss; now you’re a widow.”

The journalist further reflected, “It suddenly hit me, the reality of what everyone goes through. Every moment brings something new, and we’re all navigating through it.”

Kate Garraway with Derek Draper
Kate Garraway with Derek Draper

Derek tragically passed away earlier this year after battling complications from COVID-19. His diagnosis in 2020 led to a lengthy stay in intensive care, with Derek eventually returning home in April 2021.

Throughout their journey, Derek, Kate, and their two children, Darcey, 17, and Billy, 14, shared their story in various documentaries, shedding light on the challenges of caring for a loved one. In 2021, the family received recognition at the NTA awards for their efforts, with Kate dedicating the accolade to her beloved husband.

Derek’s funeral, held last week in the same church where he and Kate exchanged vows, was a deeply emotional occasion. Viewers witnessed their daughter, Darcey, bravely carrying her father’s coffin, while Kate paid tribute by wearing Derek’s watch during the service.

Kate Garraway at Derek Draper's funeral
Kate Garraway at Derek Draper’s funeral

Navigating Grief: Kate Garraway’s Emotional Journey on Her Return to GMB

Reflecting on her return to GMB just a month after Derek’s passing, Kate Garraway expressed uncertainty about what the future holds. She emphasized that grief knows no timeframe, stating, “People wonder why I’m returning to work. But life must go on. We must find the strength to pick ourselves up and carry on. That’s what Derek would want.”

Grateful for the support she’s received, Kate thanked everyone who made her return possible, including the viewers at home. She acknowledged the emotional impact of even the smallest gestures, revealing that the makeup artists had moved her to tears simply by greeting her that morning.

Kate Garraway on GMB
Kate Garraway on GMB

Prior to her return, Kate had shared a heart-wrenching moment from Derek’s final days, recalling her daughter Darcey’s touching question during their time together. Despite the pain, Kate found solace in her daughter’s empathy, emphasizing the extraordinary bond between them during such difficult times.

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