Caught in the Web: Dakota Johnson's Superhero Saga Suffers Box Office Blow
Caught in the Web: Dakota Johnson's Superhero Saga Suffers Box Office Blow

Dakota Johnson’s recent superhero venture, “Madame Web,” took a nosedive at the box office, much to the disappointment of fans and industry observers alike. Despite Johnson’s efforts to promote the film, it failed to resonate with audiences and was met with scathing reviews from critics.

In “Madame Web,” Johnson portrayed the clairvoyant character Cassandra Webb/Madame Web, who has ties to the beloved superhero Spider-Man. Unfortunately, the movie’s performance fell far short of expectations, raking in a mere $26.2 million during its six-day debut weekend from Valentine’s Day to Presidents Day, as reported by Variety.

Dakota Johnson at Madame Web Premiere
Dakota Johnson at Madame Web Premiere

This lackluster opening marked a new low for the Sony Spider-Man universe and ranked among the weakest starts for any Marvel Comics-based film. Critics didn’t hold back either, with the movie earning a dismal 13% score on Rotten Tomatoes, while audience reception wasn’t much better at 55%.

Adding to the film’s woes was Johnson’s peculiar promotional tour, which raised eyebrows among fans and social media users. Known for her candid remarks and dry wit, Johnson’s interviews left some wondering if she was truly invested in the project.

Inside the Turbulent Journey of ‘Madame Web’ and Dakota Johnson’s Candid Press Tour

One notable instance occurred during an interview on Magic FM, where Johnson admitted she hadn’t even watched “Madame Web.” She confessed to sneaking out of her own premieres to avoid seeing her films and opted for dinner instead. Such candid remarks, while reflecting Johnson’s trademark honesty, may have contributed to the film’s lack of buzz.

Another awkward moment transpired during an MTV interview, where Johnson seemed unaware of a crucial scene in the movie where her character supposedly dies for three minutes. When the host pointed it out, Johnson’s confusion was palpable, further raising questions about her engagement with the project.

Despite Johnson’s unconventional approach to promotion and her reluctance to watch her own films, it’s clear that “Madame Web’s” struggles extend beyond her press tour antics. The film’s failure underscores the challenges of adapting comic book characters to the big screen and serves as a cautionary tale for future superhero endeavors.

dakota johnson
Dakota Johnson

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