Wicked Film Trailer Unveiled: Ariana Grande Shines as Glinda!
Wicked Film Trailer Unveiled: Ariana Grande Shines as Glinda!

The unveiling of the first official trailer for the highly anticipated Wicked film adaptation has set Ariana Grande fans abuzz with excitement.

After years of eager anticipation, audiences finally received an extended preview of the cinematic rendition of the beloved stage production that captivated a new generation of theater enthusiasts with timeless tunes like “Defying Gravity,” “For Good,” and “No One Mourns the Wicked.”

In this alternative retelling of the classic Wizard of Oz tale, the multi-talented Ariana Grande takes on the role of Glinda the Good Witch, while Cynthia Erivo portrays the green-skinned anti-hero Elphaba.

The trailer of the film Wicked, which premiered on Super Bowl Sunday, also introduces British actor Jonathan Bailey as Fiyero, the love interest of the witches, along with Michelle Yeoh as Madam Morrible, Jeff Goldblum as the Wizard, and Bowen Yang as Pfannee, a fellow student at Glinda and Elphaba’s school.

Ethan Slater, a Broadway star, plays the role of Boq, a lovelorn student, and it’s worth noting that Grande and Slater have developed a romantic relationship since meeting on set last summer, following the end of their respective marriages.

The trailer offers a glimpse of Glinda and Elphaba’s first encounter, with Glinda’s gasp of surprise upon seeing Elphaba’s green complexion setting the stage for their evolving relationship. As the scenes progress, we witness their journey from initial acquaintances to close friends and confidantes, all while discovering the true nature of the Wizard they once revered.

Ariana Grande with Cynthia Erivo in Wicked Film Trailer
Ariana Grande with Cynthia Erivo in Wicked Film Trailer

The trailer concludes with the powerful sound of Elphaba belting out the final note of “Defying Gravity,” a moment reminiscent of Idina Menzel’s iconic performance in New York and London productions of the early 2000s.

Wicked Trailer: Ariana Grande’s Glinda Charms Fans

In response to the teaser, social media has been flooded with positive reactions, with much of the praise directed towards Erivo and Grande for their portrayals of the iconic characters.

“Ariana and Cynthia absolutely nailed it! I can’t wait to see more!” exclaimed one Twitter user, while another joked, “If you heard screams echoing across Brooklyn, that was probably me.”

“Ugh, November can’t come soon enough,” echoed the sentiments of another eager fan, eagerly anticipating the film’s release.

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