WATCH | Kanye West Abuses “F**k Yourself” & Defends Explicit Videos Of Bianca Censori
WATCH | Kanye West Abuses “F**k Yourself” & Defends Explicit Videos Of Bianca Censori

Kanye West doesn’t see any issue with sharing revealing images or videos of his wife on social media. Recently, he posted videos of Bianca Censori wearing a revealing bodysuit from a Super Bowl 2024 party and later defended his actions in a video. Their relationship is a subject of constant online and tabloid discussions. Read on to find out Ye’s perspective.

While Kanye West is undoubtedly a talented musician, he often grabs headlines for reasons beyond his music. Formerly married to reality TV star Kim Kardashian, with whom he shares four children, he has since tied the knot with Bianca, an architect associated with his Yeezy brand. Reports have circulated suggesting he exerts control over Bianca, attempting to mold her into a new version of Kim. Recently, there was a report claiming Kanye prohibited Bianca from using social media. When questioned about this controlling behavior, he reportedly confiscated a reporter’s phone and launched into a tirade.


Kanye West Shares Bianca’s Videos

Kanye West frequently shares images of Bianca Censori in revealing attire on his Instagram. On Monday, he posted the same video from the Super Bowl 2024 Party three times. Bianca appeared uneasy in her scanty bodysuit, barely covering her figure, yet she attempted to enjoy herself, dancing after adjusting her outfit. Kanye later posted a video of himself addressing critics. He explained that he intentionally posted Bianca’s video multiple times and stated, “So what I’m saying is, I delivered the album. And people still in my comments talking ’bout, ‘Why you posting your wife?'”

He continued, “Cause she makes me happy. That’s why y’all happy with the music because I’m happy. You understand? So don’t ever say nothing negative.” Kanye added, “If you don’t like my page and don’t like what I’m posting, go f–k yourself. Seriously, leave me — leave the king — the f–k alone. I don’t care bro. I’m going to post my wife as much as I want. Go post your wife on your f–king Instagram.” During this rant, Bianca was with him at an airport, smiling shyly as Kanye filmed.

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