'Miller's Girl' S*x Scene Between Martin Freeman, 52, And Jenna Ortega, 21 Branded ''Gross''
'Miller's Girl' S*x Scene Between Martin Freeman, 52, And Jenna Ortega, 21 Branded ''Gross''

Jenna Ortega in Miller’s Girl portrays an 18-year-old student entangled in a relationship with her teacher, played by Martin Freeman. A social media controversy erupted over an intimate scene between Ortega, 21, and Freeman, 52, deemed ‘gross’ and ‘disturbing’ by some viewers. The scene, a focal point in the black comedy-drama, depicts Ortega’s character engaging with her teacher after writing a provocative story for class.

The Sex Scene Between Martin Freeman And Jenna Ortega

The scene sparked discomfort among fans due to the noticeable 31-year age gap between the actors. Criticism flooded social media, with users expressing dismay over the portrayal of such relationships in cinema. However, defenders of Ortega highlighted her professionalism as an actress and emphasized the fictional nature of the scene.

The film’s synopsis outlines a narrative where Ortega’s character, a talented writer, embarks on a creative journey with her teacher, leading to complex entanglements and moral confrontations. Ortega herself acknowledged the challenging nature of her role in the film, recognizing the risks inherent in its subject matter.

Critics’ Reception Of Jenna Ortega’s ‘Miller’s Girl’ 

Critics’ reception of ‘Miller’s Girl’ has been lukewarm, with Rotten Tomatoes awarding it a 32% rating, while audience scores reached 45%. This controversy coincides with Ortega’s recent success portraying Wednesday Addams in Netflix’s ‘Wednesday,’ which earned her nominations at prestigious award shows.

Jenna Ortega gained prominence through her acclaimed portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the popular Netflix series. Her performance garnered critical acclaim and earned her an Emmy nomination.

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