Sydney Sweeney Remained Cool On ‘Hot Ones’ — Until She Tried One Hot Sauce | WATCH EPISODE HERE
Sydney Sweeney Remained Cool On ‘Hot Ones’ — Until She Tried One Hot Sauce | WATCH EPISODE HERE

In a recent episode of the popular First We Feast web series, actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her roles in Euphoria and Anyone But You, embarked on a spicy journey that left her questioning when the heat would strike.

Amidst the hot sauce taste test, Sydney Sweeney confidently declared, “I’m trying to figure out where am I supposed to taste the spice?” Little did she know, the spice was patiently waiting to make its grand entrance. After breezing through the first few sauces with ease, Sydney Sweeney maintained her composure, casually dismissing the heat levels with comments like, “That’s not spicy,” and “Not spicy at all.” By the fourth sauce, she was even boasting, “I’m really impressing myself right now.”

However, the spice gods had a different plan for Sweeney. The turning point came with Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. With a brave demeanor, she proclaimed, “Pretty good. I mean, I feel tingly on my lips. That one might have an after effect.” Little did she anticipate the fiery storm that was about to hit. As Da Bomb’s heat took hold, Sweeney’s demeanor shifted from confident to discomfort. Uttering repeated “wows” and increasingly looking uncomfortable, she questioned, “Why is this happening?” Host Sean Evans attempted to distract her with discussions about movie theater snacks, but Sweeney’s focus remained on her hot sauce-induced misery.

In a comical yet relatable moment, Sydney Sweeney, while wiping away tears and snot with a napkin, exclaimed, “Oh my god. I think they all just waited to kick in all at the same time.” The spice symphony had orchestrated its crescendo, leaving Sweeney in its fiery grip. Undeterred, Sweeney soldiered on to face the ultimate challenge – “the hottest sauce on Hot Ones,” The Last Dab: Xperience. The outcome? Well, you’ll have to watch the video to witness Sweeney’s daring encounter with the fiery finale.

In the end, Sydney Sweeney’s spice adventure on First We Feast proved that even the boldest can be humbled by the unpredictable world of hot sauces. It’s a testament to the unpredictable journey one embarks on when attempting to conquer the spice spectrum, reminding us all that when it comes to hot sauces, it’s not a matter of if but when the heat will kick in.



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