Shocking | Sharon Stone Reveals Identity Of Hollywood Producer Who Told Her To Sleep With Co-Star
Shocking | Sharon Stone Reveals Identity Of Hollywood Producer Who Told Her To Sleep With Co-Star

Sharon Stone recently recounted an unsettling encounter with producer Robert Evans during the making of the 1993 film “Sliver” on “The Louis Theroux Podcast.” According to Stone, Evans suggested she should engage in sexual relations with her co-star, Billy Baldwin, to enhance their on-screen chemistry and supposedly salvage the movie.

In a vivid recollection, Stone described Evans donning sunglasses in his office while regaling her with tales of his past conquests, including a claim that sleeping with Baldwin would improve his performance. The implication was that if Stone and Baldwin had a physical relationship, it would translate to better chemistry on screen, thus rescuing the film.

Reflecting on Evans’ alleged insistence, Stone expressed frustration, highlighting that she was being pressured to fulfill a role outside of her profession. She contrasted her experience with that of her male co-stars, noting that actors like Michael Douglas in “Basic Instinct” didn’t face similar expectations.

Robert Evans, a figure known for his contributions to Hollywood during the New Hollywood era, passed away in 2019. Despite the controversy surrounding the production, “Sliver” managed to achieve moderate success at the box office, grossing $116 million worldwide.

Sharon Stone and Billy Bladwin
Sharon Stone and Billy Bladwin

Unveiling Hollywood’s Hidden Pressures: Sharon Stone’s Eye-Opening Account

Sharon Stone initially revealed this incident in her 2021 memoir, “The Beauty of Living Twice,” where she criticized the industry’s expectations placed upon actresses. She emphasized her commitment to her craft and voiced her resistance to being objectified or pressured into compromising situations.

This isn’t the first time Stone has spoken out about uncomfortable experiences in the entertainment industry. In a previous interview on Kelly Ripa’s podcast, she disclosed being sexually harassed by a former Sony executive during the 1980s. Stone’s willingness to share her experiences sheds light on the pervasive issue of abuse of power in Hollywood.

In light of recent revelations and the ongoing discourse surrounding misconduct in the industry, Stone expressed relief at Harvey Weinstein’s imprisonment, citing her own encounters with his abusive behavior. She remains an outspoken advocate for change and accountability within the entertainment industry.

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