Vanessa Morgan Speaks Out About Divorce From Michael Kopech: 'Endured Two Years Of Heartache'
Vanessa Morgan Speaks Out About Divorce From Michael Kopech: 'Endured Two Years Of Heartache'

It’s been nearly four years since Vanessa Morgan and Michael Kopech parted ways, and now the Riverdale actress is shedding light on their 2020 divorce.

During a recent episode of Rachel Bilson’s podcast, Broad Ideas, the 31-year-old star opened up about the breakup, which happened while she was pregnant with their son, River.

“In the moment, it’s incredibly painful,” Morgan reflected. “It’s like we hold onto this idealized version of our dreams from childhood… and then we mourn the future that never materialized. We mourn the fantasy we created, realizing it wasn’t the reality best suited for me.”

News of Kopech filing for divorce surfaced in July 2020, just days after Vanessa Morgan announced her pregnancy. Notably, she didn’t mention Kopech in the pregnancy reveal, as he had taken time off from his baseball career with the White Sox citing “personal reasons.”

The couple got engaged in July 2019 and married in January 2020, only to split around six months later.

Vanessa Morgan with Michael Kopech before Divorce
Vanessa Morgan with Michael Kopech before Divorce

Navigating Heartache and Healing: Vanessa Morgan’s Journey Post-Divorce

Reflecting on the aftermath, Morgan revealed, “I endured two years of heartache.”

One of the most significant pains for her was grappling with “embarrassment” and “the reluctance to acknowledge having a broken family.”

“You enter marriage with dreams of a fairytale,” she shared. “Admitting it didn’t work out can feel like a disappointment to others.”

However, Vanessa Morgan has come to see that life’s twists allowed her to grow, find the right partner, and become the best mother to her son.

“The beauty of life lies in its unpredictability,” Morgan said. “I refuse to be a victim. Otherwise, I’d wallow in self-pity. I have a beautiful son, and that’s my blessing.”

Since the divorce, Morgan has found love with basketball player James Karnik, whom she has been dating since 2022.

Karnik plays a significant role in her son’s life, although Kopech remains present, albeit infrequently.

“River’s father is involved,” Morgan explained, adding, “Although they don’t spend much time together.”

Following the divorce, Kopech married Morgan Eudy, and the couple welcomed their son, Vander, in 2022.

“At least [River] will always have my current partner, who has been there from what he’ll remember as the beginning,” Morgan said of Karnik. “They’re together every day… he sees him as a father figure.”

Vanessa Morgan’s journey through divorce has been marked by resilience, self-discovery, and the embrace of new beginnings. As she continues to navigate co-parenting and find love again, her story serves as a testament to the strength found in embracing life’s unexpected turns with grace and determination.

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