Ryan Gosling Sends Emily Blunt (Playfully) Over The Edge By Serenading Ken Once More During ‘SNL’ Opening
Ryan Gosling Sends Emily Blunt (Playfully) Over The Edge By Serenading Ken Once More During ‘SNL’ Opening

Ryan Gosling seems unwilling to bid farewell to his beloved Barbie character Ken, much to Emily Blunt’s (joking) dismay, as showcased in his Saturday Night Live monologue.

Initially vowing not to delve into Ken territory, claiming to have severed ties with the character after delving “too deep,” Ryan Gosling ultimately succumbed to his emotions, choosing to express them through a rendition of Taylor Swift’s “All Too Well.”

Acknowledging the difficulty of letting go of a character he’s embodied for so long, Gosling melodically lamented, “You know, when you play a character that hard, that long, just letting go feels like a breakup and for processing a breakup, there’s really only one thing that can help: The music of the great Taylor Swift.”

What ensued was a comical yet heartfelt serenade, with Gosling crooning lines like, “I shredded Venice Beach is true / My clothes were tight / But something about that spandex felt so right,” all while donning Ken’s iconic fur coat.

However, Emily Blunt playfully interrupted Ryan Gosling’s performance, expressing faux annoyance at his persistent Ken-themed musings, especially given their supposed focus on promoting their upcoming movie, The Fall Guy. “What are you doing?” she quipped, reminding Gosling of their planned stunts.

Ryan Gosling’s SNL Monologue: Singing About Ken with Emily Blunt

In a mock exasperation, Blunt scolded Gosling for “Kenning,” a term she humorously coins on the spot. Despite her insistence on moving on, Gosling remains steadfast in his devotion to Ken, prompting another impromptu musical number.

Their banter escalates into a physical altercation, with Blunt humorously asserting, “Ken’s dead. All right, Ken is dead.” Yet, amidst the chaos, they find solace in reminiscing about their past on-screen chemistry, culminating in a joint rendition of “All Too Well.”

Earlier in the show, Gosling and Kate McKinnon revisited their iconic “Close Encounter” sketch, alongside Sarah Sherman, Bowen Yang, and Mikey Day, once again bringing hilarity to the alien abduction narrative.

In another segment, basketball star Caitlin Clark made a surprise appearance on “Weekend Update,” playfully confronting Michael Che over a potentially sexist joke, adding an unexpected twist to the evening’s comedic lineup.

With Ryan Gosling’s third hosting stint on SNL, alongside musical guest Chris Stapleton, the night was brimming with laughter, music, and unexpected surprises.

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