Hollywood News, Doja Cat
Hollywood News, Doja Cat

Doja Cat left fans puzzled at the Grammy Awards as she graced the red carpet adorned with several fresh tattoos, one of which prominently featured the name of her dress designer across her forehead.

On the evening of Sunday, February 4, the 28-year-old “Woman” singer made a striking entrance outside the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles, California. She wore a sheer corset gown crafted by designer Dilara Findikoglu, paired with glasses. The revealing nude dress not only showcased Doja Cat’s chest but also highlighted multiple new tattoos, including the outline of a building.

Doja Cat at the Grammys 2024
Doja Cat at the Grammys 2024

Her arms were notably covered in tattoos, and attention was drawn to her forehead, which seemed to bear the inscription “Dilara Findikoglu” in tribute to the gown’s designer.

Ink Intrigue: Fans React as Doja Cat Unveils New Tattoos

Social media was abuzz with reactions to Doja’s unexpected new appearance, with fans expressing surprise over the sudden appearance of the tattoos.

“Since when does Doja Cat have all those tattoos?” questioned one individual, while another remarked, “When did Doja Cat get all of those tattoos?” Some fans even voiced hopes that the tattoos were temporary, with one person stating, “I hope those tattoos on Doja Cat are fake.”

Evidence suggests that the tattoos might indeed be temporary, as a photo shared by Doja on Instagram just days before the Grammys did not feature the designs on her chest and arms.

Although these particular tattoos may be temporary, Doja is no stranger to permanent ink. In June, she unveiled a bat skeleton tattoo covering her entire back, followed by a spider tattoo on her lower back a few weeks later. In August, the rapper showcased a scythe tattoo behind her ear that extends onto her head.


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