Hollywood News, Bob Odenkirk and King Charles III
Hollywood News, Bob Odenkirk and King Charles III

Bob Odenkirk, known for his role in “Better Call Saul,” recently made a surprising discovery about his heritage, linking him to King Charles III of the United Kingdom.

The revelation unfolded on the tenth season of “Finding Your Roots with Henry Louis Gates Jr,” a genealogical docuseries aired on PBS. Odenkirk, in response to the revelation, expressed his amazement, stating, “That is wild” when the show’s host, Henry Louis Gates Jr, asked about his reaction.

Feeling like he was now a part of a history he hadn’t considered, Bob Odenkirk, however, made it clear that despite the connection, he remains an American and not a supporter of monarchy. He shared his perspective on the historical significance of monarchs and leaders passing down their roles through generations, acknowledging their prevalence in various societies and civilizations. Nonetheless, Bob Odenkirk emphasized his belief in the superiority of democracy and the importance of continuing down that path.

Unveiling Ancestral Ties: Bob Odenkirk’s Astonishing Link to King Charles III

Upon learning that he and King Charles are 11th cousins, tracing their connection through Odenkirk’s fifth great-grandfather Friedrich Carl Steinholz, Bob Odenkirk humorously remarked,

“Well, maybe I’ll change my mind on that!” He added, “That’s so funny, man. Oh, that is crazy!”

It has been almost two years since the conclusion of “Better Call Saul,” which wrapped up its six-season run in 2022, with Odenkirk’s character, the cunning lawyer Saul Goodman, ending up behind bars. Discussing his concerns about future projects on the US talk show Today, Odenkirk expressed apprehension about waiting for a project as remarkable as “Saul” and acknowledged the challenge of finding something on par with the critically acclaimed “Breaking Bad” series.

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