'One Day': Ambika Mod Reflects On Breaking Boundaries In Lead Roles
'One Day': Ambika Mod Reflects On Breaking Boundaries In Lead Roles

Ambika Mod’s journey from a young reader captivated by David Nicholls’ “One Day” to portraying its lead character, Emma Morley, in the new TV adaptation is a testament to her determination and the evolving landscape of on-screen representation.

Hailing from Hatfield to Indian immigrant parents, Mod reminisces about her early years, marked by a dearth of ethnic minority leads in Western media. She recalls how opportunities for actors like her were limited, often relegated to supporting roles rather than the spotlight.

Indeed, the entertainment industry has seen a shift in recent years, albeit with ample room for progress. Mod acknowledges this change but emphasizes the long road ahead toward genuine inclusivity.

Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the 2011 movie One Day
Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess in the 2011 movie One Day

Breaking Barriers: Ambika Mod’s Journey to Lead Roles in “One Day”

In the Netflix series, Mod shares the screen with Leo Woodall, who plays Dexter Mayhew. Both actors were cast regardless of ethnicity, a decision that Mod believes enriches the characters’ identities and resonates with the essence of the original story.

The significance of a non-white actress portraying Emma Morley isn’t lost on Mod. She hopes it will inspire and empower young women of color, particularly those of South Asian descent.

“One Day” unfolds as a love story spanning decades, chronicling Emma and Dexter’s relationship over 20 years. For Mod and Woodall, seasoned actors in their own right, the series marks a potential turning point in their careers, akin to recent successful book-to-TV adaptations.

Woodall admits to feeling the weight of portraying a beloved character like Dexter, with his charm and eventual trials. Yet, the prospect of bringing depth to the role alongside Mod filled him with excitement and determination.

Mod delved into crafting Emma’s backstory, grounding her character in authenticity. This meticulous approach reflects her dedication to her craft and the importance of representation in storytelling.

One Day on Netflix
One Day on Netflix

Captivating Audiences: The Impact of “One Day”

As the series garners attention, both actors credit David Nicholls for his involvement and humility throughout the adaptation process. Despite the previous film adaptation’s lukewarm reception, they remain optimistic about the series’ potential to resonate with audiences.

Their on-screen chemistry, cultivated through playful interactions on set, bodes well for the intimate scenes they share. Woodall reflects on their comfort and camaraderie, a testament to their professional rapport.

As “One Day” finds its new home on Netflix, Mod and Woodall eagerly await the audience’s response, hoping that their portrayal will be embraced and celebrated.

In revisiting the timeless themes of friendship and transformation, “One Day” continues to captivate audiences, offering a poignant reflection on the power of connection and the enduring impact of storytelling.

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