Kristen Stewart Claps Back At Critics: Unveiling The Real Cover Story
Kristen Stewart Claps Back At Critics: Unveiling The Real Cover Story

Kristen Stewart has a pointed response for those who took issue with her daring Rolling Stone cover.

The actress, renowned for her roles in the “Twilight” saga, addressed the controversy surrounding the magazine’s cover during an appearance on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” Kristen Stewart was there to promote her latest project, “Love Lies Bleeding,” a film intertwining a lesbian romance with elements of crime.

Colbert, setting the stage, acknowledged the buzz surrounding Kristen Stewart’s Rolling Stone cover, though he was restrained from revealing it due to network guidelines. He humorously complimented Stewart, quipping that she wore a jockstrap better than he ever could. Then, he delved into the criticism surrounding the cover.

Challenging Norms: Kristen Stewart’s Bold Stand Against Double Standards

Kristen Stewart, opting for a lighthearted tone, highlighted the irony in the backlash. She noted the prevalence of male nudity and suggestive poses on magazine covers, suggesting a double standard when it comes to portraying female sexuality. The Oscar-nominated actress hinted at underlying sexism and homophobia in the reaction to her cover.

Colbert chimed in, remarking that the image hardly qualified as explicit compared to other magazine covers. He pointed out the disparity in societal expectations regarding female sexuality, suggesting that Stewart’s portrayal deviated from the norm.

In response, Stewart emphasized the agency of female desire, contrasting it with the traditional view of passive female sexuality. She suggested that her cover challenged these norms, perhaps unsettling those who cling to outdated beliefs about women’s roles and desires.

“Love Lies Bleeding,” Stewart’s latest cinematic venture, hit theaters on March 8th, offering audiences a blend of romance and intrigue to ponder.

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