Jimmy Fallon's Fluster: The Night Nicole Kidman Stole the Show!
Jimmy Fallon's Fluster: The Night Nicole Kidman Stole the Show!

Jimmy Fallon was left completely blindsided by Nicole Kidman during a memorable interview back in 2015, and the story is still making waves. Here’s the scoop on what went down!

Reflecting on the now-infamous moment, Jimmy Fallon, the 49-year-old funnyman and host of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, opened up about the surprising turn of events in a recent installment of 20 Questions: On Deadline.

Recalling the incident, Fallon revealed that Nicole Kidman caught him completely off guard during what was supposed to be a routine interview about one of her projects or accolades. According to Fallon, everything was going smoothly until Kidman dropped a bombshell: “Did you know that we dated?”

Fallon confessed that his reaction was a mix of embarrassment and disbelief, with his face seemingly melting at the revelation.

Jimmy Fallon with Nicole Kidman
Jimmy Fallon with Nicole Kidman

The unexpected exchange occurred during Kidman’s inaugural appearance on Fallon’s show, where she casually mentioned their past interaction. She reminisced about visiting Fallon’s apartment for a chemistry read, admitting she had harbored a crush on him at the time. However, she clarified that it was all in the past, as she’s happily married to Keith Urban now.

Unexpected Revelations: The Jimmy Fallon-Nicole Kidman Interview Saga

Fallon’s stunned reaction and subsequent stuttering only added to the comedic value of the moment, as he questioned whether he had indeed gone on a date with Kidman.

Kidman went on to describe the encounter, which took place while she was auditioning for her role in the 2005 film Bewitched, as an awkward disaster. She recalled Fallon’s apparent lack of engagement during the meeting, leading her to assume he had no interest whatsoever, a mortifying realization for her at the time. Nicole Kidman even humorously speculated that Fallon’s silence might have led her to believe he was gay.

Nearly a decade later, Fallon admitted that he and Urban, Kidman’s husband, still find humor in the incident, with Fallon sharing a hilarious anecdote about a prank he pulled on Nicole Kidman at the Met Gala.

During an interview with Deadline, Fallon recounted approaching Urban at the event and jokingly suggesting that he and Kidman had once dated. Urban found the jest amusing and even proposed a prank of his own: Fallon should hold Kidman’s hand while she conversed with others, leading her to believe it was Urban. Despite his initial apprehension, Fallon went through with the gag, which resulted in a comical mix-up that left Kidman momentarily perplexed.

As for Kidman and Urban, their love story blossomed after their initial meeting in 2005, and they’ve since become one of Hollywood’s most enduring couples, with two daughters to show for their enduring romance. Fallon, on the other hand, found his own happily ever after with Nancy Juvonen, with whom he shares two daughters.

The viral interview may have been unexpected, but it certainly left an indelible mark on Fallon and Kidman’s friendship, providing fans with a moment they won’t soon forget.

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