‘Is This Ai?’ Netizens Say As Princess of Wales Reveals Cancer Diagnosis In A Video.
‘Is This Ai?’ Netizens Say As Princess of Wales Reveals Cancer Diagnosis In A Video.

Kate Middleton, the British royal who had been out of the public eye for some time, recently addressed the swirling speculations and conspiracy theories surrounding her absence. In a video message posted on March 22, the Princess of Wales revealed her ongoing battle with cancer, putting an end to the speculation. The official statement from the Prince and Princess of Wales swiftly followed Kate’s video message on her and Prince William’s official social media accounts.

Global Leaders Send Support To Princess of Wales

Social media reacted strongly to Princess of Wales revelation about her battle with cancer. Notable figures also took to social platforms to express their wishes for her speedy recovery after her cancer diagnosis. While some sent blessings and well wishes, others expressed skepticism about the authenticity of the video.

Former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, took to the social media platform X (formerly Twitter) to express his support, saying, “Wishing Catherine, The Princess of Wales all possible strength and sending good wishes to her and her family for a full and rapid recovery.”


Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, also wished the Duchess of Cambridge a swift recovery, stating in a post on X, “My thoughts are with the Princess of Wales, her children, and the entire Royal Family following the news of her courageously shared battle with cancer.” He further added, “On behalf of Canadians, I’m sending my support as she undergoes treatment. We’re all wishing her a swift recovery.”

Princess of Wales Video Under Scrutiny

Some users expressed doubts about the authenticity of the video message. One remarked about the lack of movement in the background, questioning if it was a green screen or AI-generated. Another suggested using a detection program to verify the authenticity of the video. Amidst these comments, there’s also a reference to a recent controversy involving a manipulated Mother’s Day photo shared by Kate Middleton, which drew criticism and raised questions about the credibility of Kensington Palace as a source of information.

In response to the revelation of the manipulated photo, France’s AFP news agency stated that Kensington Palace could not be considered a “trusted source” of information. Media outlets like CNN advised scrutinizing all previous handout photos from Kensington Palace. Additionally, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex issued a brief statement expressing their hope for Catherine and her family to heal “privately and in peace,” reflecting on their own decision to step down as senior royals in January 2020.

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