Hollywood News, Luis Vasquez, Soft Moon
Hollywood News, Luis Vasquez, Soft Moon

Renowned Californian musician, Luis Vasquez, recognized as the artistic force behind The Soft Moon, has departed from our midst. As highlighted by Brooklyn Vegan, the announcement of his untimely demise emanated from The Soft Moon’s social-media channels earlier today: “It is with profound sorrow that we relay the passing of our cherished comrade, Luis Vasquez.” Regrettably, details regarding Vasquez’s age and the circumstances surrounding his demise remain undisclosed.

The genesis of Luis Vasquez traces back to Los Angeles, where he drew his first breath. His formative years unfolded in the somewhat secluded environs of Victorville. An early immersion in punk ensembles during adolescence paved the way for his relocation to the Bay Area, where he commenced his solo musical odyssey under The Soft Moon moniker. A solitary endeavor, The Soft Moon crafted frigid, enigmatic post-punk imbued with a gothic allure. The eponymous debut album surfaced on Captured Tracks in 2010.

Whispers of Short-Lived Melodies: The Musical Story of The Soft Moon

The musical trajectory of The Soft Moon encompassed five albums, initially in collaboration with Captured Tracks, later finding a home with Sacred Bones. Vasquez’s peregrinations led him from Venice to Berlin, traversing stages alongside luminaries such as Depeche Mode and Interpol. The opus titled “Exister,” The Soft Moon’s latest musical offering materialized in the year 2022. Partake in the auditory tapestry of Vasquez’s creations below.

Venturing beyond geographical confines, The Soft Moon’s discography unfolded through five opuses, initially entwined with Captured Tracks and subsequently with Sacred Bones. The migratory journey unfolded from Venice to Berlin, as stages around the world bore witness to collaborations with Depeche Mode and Interpol. The most recent sonic manifestation, “Exister,” graced auditory senses in the year 2022. Immerse yourself in the sonic universe crafted by Vasquez through the auditory snippets presented below.


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