Hollywood News, Kim Kardashian
Hollywood News, Kim Kardashian

Known for reshaping beauty and fashion norms, Kim leads in the digital realm. From selfies to popularizing contouring, she consistently influences millions through Instagram and Twitter. Her skillful use of these platforms turns everyday moments into online sensations.

Whether promoting businesses or supporting social causes, Kim remains a tastemaker, navigating the changing world of online influence.

Kim Kardashian joins the ‘Of Course’ video trend

Taking part in the ‘Of Course’ trend on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram, Kim gives a glimpse of her SKKN office, as reported by TMZ.

Starting with a display of her magazine covers on office walls, the tour moves to her glam room with a custom mannequin. A highlight is Kim’s big TV wall showing her beauty campaigns, reinforcing the SKKN brand. The video takes a fun turn as Kim shows a desk with 3-D models of her brain and plane, earning praise from viewers.

In a playful moment, Kim wears tanning bed goggles, revealing two beds – a regular one and a red light bed. The entire office is in custom Rick Owens style, showcasing her unique taste.

The video smartly ends with a product announcement. Kim Kardashian introduces her new lip liners, seamlessly blending her tour with promotion. It’s a move only someone of Kim Kardashian’s stature can smoothly pull off.


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