Christina Applegate Opens Up About Struggles With Multiple Sclerosis, Recalls "Blacking Out" At 2024 Emmys
Christina Applegate Opens Up About Struggles With Multiple Sclerosis, Recalls "Blacking Out" At 2024 Emmys

In a candid revelation, renowned American actress Christina Applegate recently discussed her ongoing battle with multiple sclerosis (MS) and the overwhelming experience of “blacking out” during the 2024 Emmy Awards ceremony.

Reflecting on the event over a month later, the star of “Dead to Me,” Christina Applegate, shared insights into her daily life coping with MS during an interview with Robin Roberts on Good Morning America, scheduled to air on March 12. “My situation presents constant challenges,” she confessed, “I don’t often venture out, so it takes a toll on my system. But the outpouring of love I received at the awards show was incredible. Support like that means the world to me, and I’m genuinely grateful.”

Opening up further to Robin, Christina admitted, “I completely lost track of things and blacked out. People were telling me I was funny, but I couldn’t recall what I had said. I was so overwhelmed by the moment.”

Despite the blur of the evening, Christina was deeply moved by the audience’s support. “Feeling that kind of genuine affection was beautiful,” she added with a touch of humor, “Let’s just say the audience stood up for everyone.”

Christina Applegate
Christina Applegate

Facing Multiple Sclerosis: Christina Applegate’s Struggles and Triumphs

Christina Applegate’s Emmy nomination comes amidst health challenges Christina Applegate, best known for her role in “Married with Children,” received an Emmy nomination for her performance in Season 3 of “Dead to Me.” While she didn’t clinch the award, the nomination held immense significance, especially considering her past contemplation of retirement due to health concerns.

Beyond the nomination, the 52-year-old expressed gratitude for her involvement in “Dead to Me,” hinting that it might be her final on-screen project. She particularly cherished the opportunity to collaborate with her co-star Linda Cardellini.

Christina Applegate at Emmys 2024
Christina Applegate at Emmys 2024

“I may not return to acting on camera,” she disclosed in a Vanity Fair interview in May, “but I’m thankful to have ended my career alongside someone who is undeniably the finest actress I’ve worked with, if not the best person I’ve known.”

“Linda and I shared an incredible bond and supported each other right from the start. It’s rare to find such seamless teamwork; it felt less like tennis and more like playing ping-pong. It’s truly fulfilling when your partner matches your level of skill.”

Christina Applegate provides updates on her health battle with MS During the Emmy Awards ceremony, Christina Applegate made a playful entrance onto the stage, using a cane and receiving assistance from host Anthony Anderson. She engaged in light banter with the cheering crowd.

“Thank you all so much. Oh, you’re making me blush about my disability by standing up. Courtesy of Ozempic,” Christina quipped, referring to the weight-loss drug often promoted in Hollywood.

“Some of you may recognize me as Kelly Bundy from ‘Married … With Children’ … but we don’t have to clap every time I do something,” she joked, her voice tinged with emotion.

Diagnosed with MS in 2021, Christina Applegate has been forthright about its impact. Despite facing challenges while filming “Dead to Me” from 2019 to 2022, she commended the cast and crew for their unwavering support. “There were moments when I’d break down on set and need a breather, and everyone was incredibly understanding and compassionate,” she revealed in an interview with the LA Times in February 2023.

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