Cardi B Steals The Show With Rare Birkin Bag And Courtside Glam At Knicks Game
Cardi B Steals The Show With Rare Birkin Bag And Courtside Glam At Knicks Game

In a move that’s quintessentially Cardi B, the rapper turned heads at the New York Knicks game with her signature flair for fashion and luxury.

Rather than donning the typical sports team gear, Cardi opted for a chic ensemble that exuded preppy vibes with her own unique twist. Sporting a cropped blue gingham button-up with a playful raw hem, she paired it flawlessly with a brown plaid miniskirt featuring an attention-grabbing ultra-high slit.

Cardi B
Cardi B

Her look was elevated to maximalist perfection with statement accessories, including Y2K-inspired sunglasses from Blackpink’s Jennie Kim’s Gentle Monster collaboration, complemented by pink hair clips and a dazzling gold chain choker. But it was her footwear that truly commanded attention—a striking pair of white heeled boots from Loewe adorned with a charming bow detail on the vamp and plush shearling legs.

Cardi B’s Courtside Couture: A Fashion Spectacle at the Knicks Game

Yet, amidst this sartorial splendor, Cardi B’s pièce de résistance was undoubtedly the 30cm Himalaya Hermès Birkin dangling from her wrist. Crafted from rare Nile crocodile hide, this coveted handbag commands resale prices starting at a staggering $300,000, solidifying Cardi’s status as a true fashion icon.

In joining the ranks of celebrities who steal the spotlight from the game itself, Cardi B is following in the footsteps of luminaries like Kim Kardashian, who famously showcased her brown crocodile Birkin at a Lakers game, and Jennifer Lopez, who kept her Chanel flap bag close during the same match.

For Cardi, flaunting the Holy Grail of handbags isn’t just a fashion statement—it’s the ultimate flex, proving that her courtside style game is as formidable as her musical prowess.

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