Ryan Gosling Playfully Suggests 'Fall Guy' Premiere Is An Oscar Campaign For Stunt Performers
Ryan Gosling Playfully Suggests 'Fall Guy' Premiere Is An Oscar Campaign For Stunt Performers

In a blaze of adrenaline and spectacle, stuntmen shattered glass, leaped from great heights, and revved motorcycles down the crimson carpet at the Los Angeles debut of “The Fall Guy.”

The film, chronicling Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of a struggling stuntman, dove headfirst into action at its premiere, transforming Hollywood Boulevard into a live movie set. Stunt performers engaged in high-octane feats, with motorcyclists performing wheelies down the press line and daredevils hurling themselves off towering platforms onto the carpet below. Gosling himself, flanked by his stunt doubles, elegantly merged into the chaos as they tore through the event’s backdrop. Glass shattered as performers engaged in staged combat before the enthralled audience, and just moments before the screening, another stuntman descended dramatically from the theater balcony to join the cast on stage.

Addressing the crowd, Ryan Gosling, who had earlier appeared as Beavis alongside Mikey Day’s Butt-Head from their recent Saturday Night Live sketch, humorously remarked, “Clearly, this is a heartfelt tribute to the stunt community. They are the unsung heroes of show business, risking more than anyone else. This movie might as well be a giant campaign to earn stunts an Oscar.” (Remarkably, the Academy still lacks a category dedicated to stunts.)

Ryan Gosling & Stunt Performers Shine Behind the Scenes at “The Fall Guy” Premiere

Expressing gratitude, Gosling pondered, “How does one properly thank someone who willingly gets set on fire eight times, jumps from helicopters, and rolls cars for the sake of cinema? Their dedication is a testament to their contribution to our craft and the risks they undertake for our entertainment. It’s been an honor to shed light on their story, albeit in a small way.”

The movie follows Gosling’s character, Colt Seavers, a retired stuntman thrust back into the limelight as he embarks on a quest to locate the vanished star of his ex-girlfriend’s blockbuster. Actress Emily Blunt, Gosling’s on-screen counterpart, reflected on the underappreciation of stunt performers, musing, “It’s perplexing because they truly are the backbone of our industry. Perhaps it’s their remarkable humility or the desire to preserve the illusion for audiences that actors perform their own stunts. But in this era of transparency, shouldn’t audiences see the meticulous craftsmanship behind each stunt?”

Ryan Gosling, who performed several stunts himself, including a daring 12-story fall, received praise from director David Leitch and producer Kelly McCormick. McCormick moved to tears watching Gosling from below during the fall stunt, confessed, “It was a monumental moment for him, embracing Colt Seavers to its fullest. Watching him trust the team and conquer his fear of heights was truly emotional.” Leitch added, “It was a testament to his commitment to the character. He was a consummate partner throughout filming, and that moment solidified it.”

As “The Fall Guy” gears up for its theatrical release, it stands as both a thrilling cinematic experience and a poignant homage to the unsung heroes who bring action to life on screen.

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