Calvin Klein's FKA Twigs Advertisement Ban Reversed Following ASA Retreat
Calvin Klein's FKA Twigs Advertisement Ban Reversed Following ASA Retreat

In a surprising turn of events, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) in the UK has reversed its decision to ban a Calvin Klein advertisement featuring the British singer FKA Twigs, citing a change in public sentiment.

Initially, the ASA had deemed the ad inappropriate, claiming it portrayed FKA twigs as a “stereotypical s*xual object.” However, after reconsideration, the ASA concluded that the image did not cross the line into explicit sexual content and instead depicted FKA twigs as confident and in control of her image.

The controversial poster showed the singer wearing a denim shirt partially covering her body, with a glimpse of her breast and buttocks visible, accompanied by the slogan “Calvins or nothing.”

Actress posing for Calvin Klein
Actress posing for Calvin Klein

ASA Reversal: FKA twigs Defends Empowerment in Calvin Klein Ad Uproar

The ASA’s reversal came after public outcry and criticism from FKA twigs herself, who argued against what she perceived as double standards in the ASA’s decision-making process. She defended the ad, asserting that she saw herself as a strong, beautiful woman rather than a sexual object.

Notably, the ASA did not extend the ban to similar Calvin Klein advertisements featuring model Kendall Jenner, stating that those images did not overly s*xualize Jenner or focus solely on her body.

Calvin Klein stood by the ad, emphasizing that it celebrated confidence and empowerment, and highlighted the collaboration and approval of both FKA twigs and Jenner.

FKA twigs expressed her pride in her physicality and artistic expression, drawing parallels to iconic women like Josephine Baker and Grace Jones who redefined standards of empowerment and sensuality.

The ASA’s revised ruling marks the end of this contentious debate, with the ban on the specific image lifted but maintaining that it was not suitable for untargeted mediums. Despite this, the broader discussion around representation, objectification, and empowerment in advertising continues to provoke scrutiny and reflection within the industry.

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