Ariana Grande's Love Life: A Living 'Thank U, Next' Anthem
Ariana Grande's Love Life: A Living 'Thank U, Next' Anthem

Ariana Grande’s romantic entanglements have consistently captured public attention over the years, and seems she’s been open about incorporating her past relationships into her music (recall “Thank U, Next”). Her musings on love date back to 2013, when she shared with Seventeen magazine the daunting yet beautiful nature of love, emphasizing the value of learning and growth from such experiences.

With notable relationships including an engagement to Pete Davidson, a lengthy romance with the late Mac Miller, and a brief marriage to Dalton Gomez, Ariana Grande’s love life has seen its share of highs and lows. Currently, she’s embroiled in a somewhat contentious relationship with Ethan Slater, her co-star in “Wicked,” which reportedly began while they were both married. Grande addresses some of the speculation surrounding this in her latest album, “Eternal Sunshine.”

Ariana Grande | Pete Davidson
Ariana Grande | Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande: The Ethan Slater Connection

Ariana Grande is reportedly dating Ethan Slater, her co-star from “Wicked,” since July 2023, though signs point to an earlier start. They met during the filming of “Wicked” in December 2022. Slater, known for his role as SpongeBob SquarePants on Broadway, enjoys recognition in the theater world.

Reports indicate Ariana Grande and Slater are still together. They were recently seen on a dinner date with Grande’s father in NYC before Christmas 2023. Additionally, Grande and her family attended Slater’s performance in “Spamalot” on Broadway, showing their support.

Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Step Out Together for Dinner in NYC
Ariana Grande and Ethan Slater Step Out Together for Dinner in NYC

Slater’s personal life shifted with news of his divorce from Lilly Jay, who married in 2018. Jay, not in entertainment, works in psychology and supports s*xual assault survivors. She felt blindsided by the divorce, citing Grande’s role.

Grande’s Dalton Gomez Era

Ariana Grande was previously married to Dalton Gomez, a real estate agent. They wed in May 2021 but separated in September 2023, after Grande’s relationship with Slater became public. Reports suggest Gomez’s commitment conflicted with Grande’s readiness to move on.

Ariana Grande's Intimate At-Home Wedding With Dalton Gomez
Ariana Grande’s Intimate At-Home Wedding With Dalton Gomez

Ariana Grande has been engaged twice. Her first engagement to Pete Davidson in 2018 lasted four months. Her second was with Dalton Gomez in December 2020, leading to their brief marriage. Grande and Davidson met in 2014 but began dating publicly in May 2018, announcing their engagement at the Billboard Music Awards. However, they ended their engagement in October of the same year.

Ariana Grande’s tumultuous romantic journey finds resonance in her latest album “Eternal Sunshine,” echoing themes of growth and resilience drawn from her past experiences.

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