Hollywood News, Elisabeth Moss and Jimmy Kimmel
Hollywood News, Elisabeth Moss and Jimmy Kimmel

In a delightful twist, Elisabeth Moss made a surprise revelation about her approaching motherhood during a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! The acclaimed star of The Handmaid’s Tale showcased her growing baby bump while chatting with the talk show host, prompting Kimmel to humorously inquire, “Are you pregnant or just an incredibly committed method actor?”

Responding with a touch of humor, Elisabeth Moss, known for her role in Mad Men, quipped, “A little bit of both.” The 41-year-old actress expressed feeling “really lucky” as her pregnancy journey unfolds seamlessly.

Embracing Joy: Elisabeth Moss Reveals her Pregnancy News on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Having previously maintained a low profile regarding her personal life, Moss took the opportunity to seek pregnancy advice from Kimmel, a father of four. The comedian, drawing from his own experiences, relayed advice his wife Molly McNearney had received from Bill Murray, suggesting to “bring Christmas lights to hang in the delivery room, beads, a night light, and bring music, which everybody tells you.”

Kimmel also emphasized the necessity of battery-powered candles, explaining, “The lighting is terrible in the room, it’s like Walmart-style lighting for this blessed event that is going to happen, and you don’t want that.”

Elisabeth Moss, who was married to comedian Fred Armisen for a brief period before divorcing in 2011, seems to be embracing this new chapter in her life with both joy and humor.

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