Bigg Boss 17 Drama Unfolds: Abhishek Kumar Thrown Out Of The House After He Slapped Samarth Jurel, Fans React
Bigg Boss 17 Drama Unfolds: Abhishek Kumar Thrown Out Of The House After He Slapped Samarth Jurel, Fans React

In the latest episode of Salman Khan’s reality show, Bigg Boss 17, the drama has reached new heights with an unexpected turn of events that left viewers in shock. The spotlight is on Abhishek Kumar, who has been a controversial figure in the house, and his recent slap to Samarth.

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Last night’s episode took an intense turn when Abhishek Kumar and Samarth engaged in a heated argument. The tension escalated as Samarth poked Abhishek, even going to the extent of calling him mentally ill and involving his father in the insults. Abhishek, not one to stay silent, lost his cool and retaliated, dragging Isha into the fight. Surprisingly, Isha, who was not initially involved, became a significant part of the clash.

The social media buzz ignited when it was reported that captain Ankita Lokhande had taken the decision to evict Abhishek from the show. According to viral posts on X, Ankita, entrusted with the power to decide Abhishek’s fate, chose to break one of the show’s crucial rules by evicting him. This decision has sparked a flurry of reactions from netizens, who have flooded social media platforms with their opinions on the matter.

Netizens are reminding Abhishek of his actions with Khanzadi in the past during a task where contestants were required to speak negatively about others without revealing their identities. Abhishek made fun of Khanzaadi’s mental and physical health issues during the task, drawing ire from viewers.

It’s not the first time Abhishek Kumar has been at the centre of controversy, as he had previously attacked Khanzaadi in a similar fashion. Despite Khanzaadi expressing her dissatisfaction with the unfair treatment, Abhishek continued with his remarks. This has led netizens to call out Abhishek, suggesting that he might be facing the consequences of his actions, as some claim he is reaping his Karma.

Though many from the entertainment industry, including Bollywood actor Riteish Deshmukh, have also expressed their solidarity with Abhishek Kumar, condemning Samarth for his actions towards Abhishek’s rehabilitation treatment and mental well-being. Riteish conveyed his support by stating on social media, “My heart goes out to Abhishek. #BiggBoss17.”


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