Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Calls It A ‘Personal Matter’ Amind Backlash | Watch
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Calls It A ‘Personal Matter’ Amind Backlash | Watch

Pakistani singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan became the centre of controversy when a viral video surfaced depicting him purportedly disciplining a man he claimed was his disciple. The incident, captured by a user on X (formerly Twitter), showed the Qawwali maestro slapping and hitting the individual while discussing a missing bottle. In the footage, the man can be heard pleading with Khan, insisting he has no knowledge of the situation surrounding the altercation. Some onlookers can be seen attempting to intervene, separating the singer from the man.

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan Shared A Clarification Video

Responding to the public outcry, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan took to social media to clarify that the incident was a private matter between a mentor (ustad) and his disciple (shagird). He posted a video featuring the man involved and his father, aiming to shed light on the context. Khan explained, “This concerns a private matter between Shagird and Ustad. He is like my kid. This is the nature of the relationship between a mentor and his follower. I show love to a disciple whenever he does something well. He faces consequences if he commits a transgression.”

Khan acknowledged the incident, stating that he had apologised to the individual who was subjected to the disciplinary action. The man, in turn, clarified that the altercation was a result of misplacing a bottle containing holy water. In a video, he asserted, “There was no ill intention behind his actions. He is like my father. He loves us a lot. The man who is spreading this video is trying to defame my ustad.” The student’s father also emphasised the unique relationship between a mentor and a disciple in the realm of Qawwali.

Netizens React To Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s Actions

Despite Rahat Fateh Ali Khan’s attempt to provide context and clarify the incident, social media users expressed their dismay and criticism. Some commented on the perceived lack of consequences for the artist, attributing it to his financial status. Others lamented how the incident tainted their appreciation for the singer’s art, noting the difficulty in separating the artist from their actions.

The controversy raises questions about the responsibility and accountability of public figures in the face of such incidents.

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