WATCH | Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys For Snubbing Beyoncé
WATCH | Jay-Z Calls Out The Grammys For Snubbing Beyoncé

While Jay-Z received the Dr Dre Global Impact Award at the 2024 Grammy Awards, he used the platform to express dissatisfaction with the Recording Academy’s failure to honor his wife, Beyoncé, with the coveted Album of the Year Award. Alongside his daughter, Blue Ivy, the 54-year-old rapper acknowledged Dr. Dre and the Black Music collective before reflecting on the evolution of the Grammy Awards, playfully recalling Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff’s boycott in 1989.

In a more solemn moment, Jay-Z directly addressed the Recording Academy, urging them to “get it right” in their selection process. Despite recognizing the subjective nature of music, he pointed out the inconsistency in Beyoncé holding the record for the most Grammy wins without ever securig Album of the Year. The camera then captured Beyoncé, who holds the title of the most-nominated female artist in Grammy history with 88 nominations and 32 wins.


Continuing his commentary, Jay-Z suggested that some nominees may feel robbed or not belong in their respective categories, eliciting gasps from the audience. The rapper emphasized his commitment to honesty when nervous, concluding on an uplifting note, encouraging perseverance and the pursuit of recognition beyond awards. The speech received resounding applause, concluding with Jay-Z casually pouring a drink into his Grammy trophy and taking a sip.

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