Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift

Before Super Bowl LVIII, Kansas City Chiefs’ standout Travis Kelce found himself in a bit of a pickle after faltering on the lyrics of one of Taylor Swift’s chart-toppers.

Amidst his rigorous preparations for his fourth appearance on the NFL’s grandest platform in five years, Travis Kelce couldn’t dodge inquiries about his off-field connection. With aspirations for back-to-back Super Bowl victories, the looming obstacle of the San Francisco 49ers didn’t eclipse the curiosity about Kelce’s relationship with the pop sensation Taylor Swift.

In recent months, the public’s fascination with Kelce and Swift’s bond has been palpable, and the line of questioning mirrored this intrigue. Even on the eve of his latest Super Bowl showcase, Travis Kelce found himself fielding a range of inquiries related to his girlfriend’s music.

Initially, Kelce smoothly sailed through, disclosing his favorite Swift song as the megahit ‘Anti-Hero,’ citing its omnipresence in his daily life. However, a playful moment ensued when a reporter challenged him to complete the lyrics of Swift’s song ‘Karma,’ which she had playfully altered during a concert in Argentina to reference Kelce. Prompted with “Karma is the guy on the…,” Kelce eagerly injected “Chiefs!”—a response met with a knowing smile from the reporter, who then probed further.

Dedicated fans of Swift, colloquially known as ‘Swifties,’ likely caught on that Kelce’s rendition wasn’t quite accurate. In the original 2022 hit single from her album ‘Midnights,’ the lyric reads: “Karma is the guy on the screen, Coming straight home to me.” Undeterred, the reporter tested Kelce’s knowledge once more, prompting a bemused reaction from the Chiefs star, who seemed momentarily thrown off.

Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift
Travis Kelce with Taylor Swift

Playful Exchange: Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes React to Taylor Swift Mishap

Whether Travis Kelce genuinely didn’t know the answer or simply misheard the question remains unclear. Nevertheless, the reporter persisted, coaxing Kelce to complete the original lyric, prompting further confusion from the tight end.

Following this exchange, the reporter replicated the stunt with Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes, who was asked to complete another Taylor Swift lyric, this time from her song ‘Karma.’ The ensuing interaction provided a light-hearted moment as Mahomes effortlessly completed the lyric, much to the amusement of onlookers.

Reflecting on the incident later, Mahomes chuckled, acknowledging the ease of the challenge and playfully expressing a desire to avoid further tongue-tied encounters with the reporter.

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