‘The Boy And The Heron’ Wins The Golden Globe 2024 For Best Animated Feature
‘The Boy And The Heron’ Wins The Golden Globe 2024 For Best Animated Feature

The Golden Globes were buzzing with excitement as Hayao Miyazaki’s latest creation, ‘The Boy and the Heron,’ snagged the Best Animated Feature award. This win is a huge deal because it makes Miyazaki the first Japanese artist to grab this prestigious prize since it started in 2007.

At 83 years young, Miyazaki, who once said he was retiring, surprised everyone by coming back to make this awesome movie. It took him seven years to cook up this semi-true, semi-fantasy story about a kid dealing with World War Two and meeting a talking heron after his mom goes missing.

The movie’s tale mirrors Miyazaki’s own life during the war, where families had to move to the countryside. And just like the movie’s hero, Miyazaki was super close to his mom, who had a big impact on his movies and the strong female characters in them.



‘The Boy and the Heron’ isn’t just a hit in Japan it’s ruling the box office charts in North America too. Miyazaki, who wrote and directed the movie, has made it Studio Ghibli’s top-earning film in this part of the world.

Even though the folks behind the film couldn’t make it to the big awards bash in Los Angeles, Toshio Suzuki, one of the Studio Ghibli founders, said, ‘This is the first Golden Globe awarded to a Studio Ghibli film, and it is a very special feeling.’ He added that in tough times in Japan with earthquakes and other problems, he hopes the good news of winning can bring a little smile.

Besides the animated award, The Boy And The Heron music, made by Joe Hisaishi, got nominated for a Golden Globe too. But Ludwig Goransson got the prize for his work on another film called ‘Oppenheimer.’ Even with that, ‘The Boy and the Heron’ proves that Miyazaki still has the magic touch, making Studio Ghibli’s stories timeless and awesome.

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