Sofia Vergara Sued By Griselda Blanco's Estate...Stop Netflix Show!
Sofia Vergara Sued By Griselda Blanco's Estate...Stop Netflix Show!

Sofia Vergara finds herself entangled in a legal dispute as Griselda Blanco’s family takes her to court over her portrayal of the notorious Colombian queenpin in a new show. The lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, reveals that Griselda Blanco’s adult children, representing her estate, are suing both Sofia and Netflix for what they perceive as the unauthorized use of their family’s image and likeness in the upcoming series, aiming to halt its imminent release.


The show depicts Sofia as Griselda Blanco during her peak as one of the world’s most prominent drug lords. Blanco’s children are urgently seeking a court injunction to block the release, arguing that the production incorporates elements from interviews conducted with Griselda’s son, Michael, spanning from 2009 to 2022. Michael claims he collaborated with individuals who intended to develop his life story, along with his mother’s, into a show and a book. Allegedly, Netflix expressed interest but declined to utilize any details from his interviews.


In the current lawsuit, Michael contends that the ‘Griselda’ show heavily relies on his anecdotes and materials without compensating him. Consequently, he and his siblings are suing, asserting that Netflix has essentially appropriated their family’s narrative and integrated it into the plot of the series. The children argue that the use of their images and likenesses without consent violates their rights.

Sofia Vergara Sued By Griselda Blanco's Estate...Stop Netflix Show!

While the lawsuit doesn’t explicitly prohibit Netflix from depicting their mother, a public figure, it strongly suggests that the show incorporates their likenesses and interview materials, potentially portraying them in some capacity. Seeking immediate intervention, the Griselda Blanco children want a judge to prevent the show’s scheduled release on January 25.

It’s worth noting that Sofia Vergara is an executive producer on the project, shedding light on her involvement in the legal proceedings. As of now, there has been no response from Sofia or Netflix to the inquiries about the lawsuit.


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