Unveiling the Prank: GMB's Marilyn Monroe Necklace Fiasco
Unveiling the Prank: GMB's Marilyn Monroe Necklace Fiasco

ITV’s Good Morning Britain studio was thrown into chaos today as an apparent mishap unfolded during a segment discussing Marilyn Monroe memorabilia. The atmosphere quickly shifted from lighthearted banter to stunned silence when a pearl necklace, purportedly once owned by Monroe, unexpectedly snapped.

During the entertainment segment, hosted by Celebrity Big Brother alum Zeze Millz, the panel excitedly discussed a collection of jewelry associated with the iconic Hollywood star. Among the items was a genuine pearl necklace previously worn by Monroe herself. Presenter Charlotte Hawkins even indulged in a moment, trying on the necklace to capture her own “Marilyn moment.”

Unveiling the Prank: GMB’s Marilyn Monroe Necklace Fiasco

However, the mood took a sharp turn when the necklace suddenly broke apart and slipped from Hawkins’ neck, following a seemingly innocuous comment from host Richard Madeley. The studio fell silent as everyone processed what had just occurred.

Yet, the tension soon dissipated when it was revealed that the entire incident was a well-executed April Fools’ Day prank. GMB presenter Marverine Cole broke the news to viewers, confirming that the necklace was, in fact, worthless and had never belonged to Monroe.


Despite the relief that it was all a joke, many viewers were initially taken aback by the unexpected turn of events. Some expressed their shock and amusement on social media platforms like Twitter, reflecting on the rollercoaster of emotions they experienced during the segment.

In the end, while the prank may have caused a momentary stir, it served as a reminder of the playful spirit of April Fools’ Day and provided a memorable moment for viewers and presenters alike.

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