Shakira Reveals Ex Gerard Piqué Held Back Her Creativity: "Now I'm Liberated!"
Shakira Reveals Ex Gerard Piqué Held Back Her Creativity: "Now I'm Liberated!"

In a candid conversation on The Tonight Show, Shakira opened up about the hurdles she faced in producing new music, shedding light on her past relationship with soccer star Gerard Piqué.

Making a long-awaited appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Shakira didn’t hold back in discussing the complexities of her personal life, particularly her former partnership with Gerard Piqué. The renowned Colombian artist, known for her honesty in both her lyrics and public persona, shared insights into why it took seven years for her to release a new album since her last offering, El Dorado, in 2017.


During the interview, Shakira revealed that her creative process was significantly hindered during her time with Piqué. “I’ve been releasing singles here and there, but it was incredibly challenging for me to curate a cohesive body of work,” she confessed to Fallon. “Time was a luxury I couldn’t afford, and unfortunately, my relationship played a significant role in that.”

“Now that I’m unattached,” she declared with a hint of relief, “I finally feel free to fully immerse myself in my work.”

Unveiling Shakira’s Journey: Love, Loss, and Creative Liberation

Despite never officially tying the knot during their 11-year relationship, Shakira emphasized the impact of their union. “The dynamics of our relationship were weighing me down creatively,” she explained. “But now, I can focus solely on my craft without any distractions.”

Delving deeper into her journey of self-discovery and healing, Shakira touched on the themes of resilience and empowerment present in her latest album, Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran. “Music became my sanctuary during a time of rebuilding,” she shared. “It was a transformative process where I channeled my pain and frustration into art, emerging stronger and more resilient than ever.”

Reflecting on societal expectations imposed on women to conceal their struggles, Shakira boldly asserted her defiance. “With this album, I wanted to challenge the notion that women should suffer in silence,” she expressed. “It’s about reclaiming our autonomy and embracing our emotions without apology.”

Shaks looking Stunning
Shaks looking Stunning

In addition to her candid conversation with Fallon, Shakira treated viewers to a mesmerizing performance of “Puntería,” a track originally featuring Cardi B. Clad in flowing white attire against a backdrop adorned with shimmering diamonds, Shakira’s electrifying stage presence captivated audiences as she delivered a dynamic rendition of the electro-pop hit.

Prior to her performance, Shakira engaged in a lighthearted lie detector test, providing a playful moment of comedic relief. With her signature hip-shaking moves, she effortlessly breezed through the examination, much to the amusement of Fallon and guest technician Drew Barrymore.

As Shakira continues to redefine herself both musically and personally, her unwavering authenticity serves as a beacon of empowerment for fans around the world. With Las Mujeres Ya No Lloran, she not only unveils her own journey of resilience but also empowers listeners to embrace their own strength in the face of adversity.

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