SAG-AFTRA Changes Rules after Controversial S*x Scene in Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman Movie
SAG-AFTRA Changes Rules after Controversial S*x Scene in Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman Movie

In response to a widely-shared interview featuring an intimacy coordinator from the film ‘Miller’s Girl’ which featured Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman, SAG-AFTRA has reinforced its stance on the importance of actors’ consent regarding the portrayal of intimate scenes.

The guild has implemented stricter guidelines under the Standards and Protocols (S&P) for intimacy coordinators, emphasizing the necessity of obtaining actors’ permission before disclosing any details about their intimate scenes publicly. Failure to adhere to these guidelines may result in the removal of the intimacy coordinator from the SAG-AFTRA registry after a thorough investigation.

A spokesperson from SAG-AFTRA emphasized the critical role of intimacy coordinators in ensuring the safety and comfort of actors during intimate scenes. They stated, “Intimacy coordinators are a crucial resource on any set to ensure the protection of our members working in intimate scenes. Members have to feel safe, comfortable, and confident in engaging with intimacy coordinators.”

According to the updated guidelines outlined by SAG-AFTRA, intimacy coordinators are required to maintain the confidentiality of an actor’s work and experiences during highly sensitive scenes unless explicit consent has been obtained from the actor to share such information publicly. Any unauthorized disclosure of details about an actor’s scene work or information entrusted to the intimacy coordinator is deemed unacceptable.

Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman S*x scene in Miller's Girl
Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman’s S*x scene in Miller’s Girl

Empowering Jenna Ortega: Ensuring Comfort and Consent On Set

The decision to reinforce these guidelines came shortly after an interview with intimacy coordinator Kristina Arjona regarding her work on the film “Miller’s Girl” which garnered significant attention. In the interview, Arjona discussed her collaboration with actors Jenna Ortega and Martin Freeman in depicting intimate scenes, particularly a controversial mentorship dynamic involving a seduction sequence.

Arjona highlighted Jenna Ortega’s confidence and agency in her role, emphasizing the continuous consent given by the actor throughout the production process. She underscored her role in supporting the actors’ decisions and ensuring their comfort, especially given the significant age gap between Ortega and Freeman.

Addressing the sensitive nature of the content, Arjona mentioned employing various approaches to shooting the scenes to gauge audience reactions, considering the age disparity between the actors.

It’s worth noting that Arjona, as an employee of the film, signed confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with Lionsgate, indicating the importance of maintaining confidentiality surrounding sensitive production details.

While the role of intimacy coordinators has sparked debates in the industry, SAG-AFTRA took steps to accredit intimacy coordinator training programs in 2022. Currently, 77 individuals are listed on the Guild’s registry as accredited intimacy coordinators. However, it’s essential to clarify that the Guild does not independently credential or certify intimacy coordinators, highlighting the need for adherence to established guidelines and standards within the industry.

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