Hollywood News, Jennifer Hudson and Common
Hollywood News, Jennifer Hudson and Common

In a flirtatious exchange on a talk show, Common and Jennifer Hudson seemingly affirmed their romantic involvement, as a video snippet surfaced from an episode of her chat show on Monday.

Speculation about a romantic connection between the ‘Be’ rapper and Jennifer Hudson has been circulating for quite some time, sparked by their joint appearances in Philadelphia and their shared hometown of Chicago back in February 2022.

Although neither party has chosen to explicitly validate the swirling rumors about their love life, nearly two years later, any lingering uncertainties seem to have been decisively dispelled.

The 42-year-old artist graced the stage on Monday’s episode of ‘The Jennifer Hudson Show,’ and the conversation took an intriguing turn as they delved into the realms of love and relationships.

“Let’s get straight to the point, Mr. Common. As a host, I’m obligated to pose this question because everyone always wants to know – are you romantically involved with anyone?” queried Hudson, her inquisitive tone directed at the rapper.

Common refrained from mentioning a specific individual but dropped a substantial clue when he alluded to his significant other clinching an Oscar and hosting her talk show—feats that align with Hudson’s illustrious career.

“I find myself entwined in a companionship with one of the most exquisite souls I’ve encountered in my life,” Common declared. “She possesses intellect, a profound connection with God, an authentically down-to-earth essence, and an abundance of talent.”

Expanding on his sentiments, he added, “However, I set my standards quite high. She needed to attain an EGOT—secure an Oscar with her debut film. I set the bar elevated. She needed to establish her very own talk show.”

Following his revealing response, Hudson blushed, offering a sheepish “Oh, OK,” accompanied by laughter.

Common with Jennifer Hudson
Common with Jennifer Hudson

Common and Jennifer Hudson’s Mysterious Connection

Delving into the dating history of Common and Jennifer Hudson, it is known that Jennifer Hudson has a 14-year-old son named David Daniel Otunga Jr. from her prior relationship with ex-WWE star David Otunga. Their engagement, spanning a decade, concluded in 2017.

On the other hand, Common has a history of relationships with prominent women, including a past involvement with tennis icon Serena Williams and a split from Tiffany Haddish in November 2021.

Yet, it seems the duo has now discovered contentment in each other’s company, especially evident as Common showered praise on his newfound love.

“This relationship is a haven for my happiness,” he revealed. “Observing her joy genuinely brings me immense satisfaction. So, I express gratitude to God every day, allowing divine guidance to steer this relationship.”

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