New Romance Alert: Claire Sweeney And Ricky Hatton Reportedly Smitten After Weeks Of Dating
New Romance Alert: Claire Sweeney And Ricky Hatton Reportedly Smitten After Weeks Of Dating

It seems love has found its way to the set of Dancing On Ice, as reports emerge of a blossoming romance between former boxing champ Ricky Hatton and actress Claire Sweeney. The duo, who graced the ITV show earlier this year, are said to have been dating for several weeks now and are utterly taken with each other.

According to insiders, sparks flew between Ricky, 45, and Claire, 52, during their time on the ice, and it appears their connection has only grown stronger since then. Sources reveal that their recent public outing in Greater Manchester is just one of many dates they’ve enjoyed since March.

Ricky Hatton and Claire Sweeney out on a Night-out
Ricky Hatton and Claire Sweeney out on a night out

“The chemistry was undeniable from the start,” one source disclosed. “After Ricky left the show, he wasted no time in reaching out to Claire. They’ve been inseparable ever since. Saturday’s pub crawl was just another example of how smitten they are.”

Despite their seemingly unlikely pairing, those close to the couple insist that Ricky’s charm and Claire’s affable nature have brought them together in a way that feels natural. However, they are taking things slow, mindful of Claire’s priority being her son.

Claire Sweeney and Ricky Hatton’s Blossoming Romance

Their recent night out in Manchester saw the couple surrounded by friends, sharing laughter and champagne-fueled moments. Claire, looking radiant in a stylish ensemble, was seen cuddling up to Ricky, who couldn’t hide his happiness.

Their budding romance has been the talk of the town, with sightings of them together cropping up on social media and local hotspots. Ricky, a devoted father to his son Campbell, and Claire, who shares a son named Jaxon, are both navigating their personal lives while exploring this new relationship.

Ricky Hatton and Claire Sweeney
Ricky Hatton and Claire Sweeney

For Ricky Hatton, this romance marks a new chapter following his split from former fiancée Jennifer Dooley. Claire, too, has had her share of relationships, but she’s hopeful for a deeper connection this time around.

As they continue to enjoy each other’s company, fans can’t help but wonder what the future holds for this unexpected yet charming couple. Only time will tell if their love on the ice will translate into something more enduring off-screen.

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