Meet the Cast of Season 7 of "Young Sheldon" and Where to Watch
Meet the Cast of Season 7 of "Young Sheldon" and Where to Watch

The eagerly anticipated seventh and final season of the beloved sitcom “Young Sheldon” has arrived, bringing with it the charm and wit that fans have grown to love. Serving as a prequel to the iconic “Big Bang Theory,” the series delves into the formative years of the brilliant Sheldon Cooper, portrayed by the talented Iain Armitage. As the show bids farewell, let’s take a closer look at the stellar cast gracing Season 7 and how you can catch the latest episodes.

The Cast of Young Sheldon Season 7

Young Sheldon Starcast Family
Young Sheldon Starcast Family

Iain Armitage As Young Sheldon Cooper

Stepping into the shoes of the young prodigy Sheldon Cooper is the remarkable Iain Armitage. With a mind capable of grasping advanced mathematics and science, Sheldon navigates the complexities of life in a world where football and church reign supreme. Armitage’s portrayal of the vulnerable yet gifted Sheldon has captivated audiences worldwide, catapulting him into the spotlight.

Zoe Perry Shines as Mary Cooper

Bringing warmth and authenticity to the role of Mary Cooper, Sheldon’s devoted mother, is Zoe Perry. Perry effortlessly embodies the nurturing essence of Mary, a character previously portrayed by her own mother in “The Big Bang Theory.” Her nuanced performance adds depth to the familial dynamics central to the series.

Lance Barber Tackles the Role of George Cooper Sr.

As George Cooper Sr., Sheldon’s father, Lance Barber delivers a poignant portrayal of a man grappling with the challenges of fatherhood and his own aspirations. Balancing his role as a high school football coach with raising a son as unique as Sheldon proves to be no easy feat for George, and Barber’s portrayal beautifully captures the complexities of his character.

Annie Potts Lights Up the Screen as Meemaw

Annie Potts infuses the character of Meemaw, Sheldon’s spirited grandmother, with humor and warmth. Meemaw’s unwavering support for her grandson, coupled with her sharp wit, adds a delightful dimension to the series. Potts’ portrayal brings Meemaw to life in a way that resonates with audiences of all ages.

Raegan Revord and Montana Jordan Bring Siblings to Life

Raegan Revord shines as Missy Cooper, Sheldon’s twin sister, whose unwavering honesty serves as a grounding force for her eccentric brother. Meanwhile, Montana Jordan breathes life into the role of Georgie Cooper, Sheldon’s older brother, navigating the complexities of high school while grappling with his brother’s unique quirks.

Emily Osment Joins the Cast as Mandy McAllister

Season 7 introduces Emily Osment as Mandy McAllister, a character whose encounter with Georgie sets the stage for new developments in the series. Osment’s portrayal adds depth and intrigue to the storyline, promising exciting twists and turns in the episodes to come.

Catch the Season 7 Premiere and Where to Watch

The highly anticipated Season 7 premiere of “Young Sheldon” is set to air on Thursday, February 15, at 8 p.m. ET/PT. Viewers can tune in to CBS to catch the latest adventures of young Sheldon and his family.

Additionally, episodes of the show will be available for streaming on Paramount+. Subscribers with Showtime can enjoy both live broadcasts and on-demand viewing of “Young Sheldon,” while Paramount+ Essential subscribers can stream episodes the day after they air.

As the final season unfolds, fans can expect a heartfelt farewell to one of television’s most beloved characters. With its stellar cast and engaging storytelling, “Young Sheldon” continues to captivate audiences, leaving an indelible mark on the world of television comedy.

You can also watch Young Sheldon previous seasons on Netflix with Season 6 releasing on Feb 01.

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