Kristen Stewart Opens Up About 'Love Lies Bleeding,' Her Take On Directing, And Navigating The Film Industry
Kristen Stewart Opens Up About 'Love Lies Bleeding,' Her Take On Directing, And Navigating The Film Industry

Embarking on a filmmaking journey is no walk in the park, especially for Kristen Stewart.

Stewart, widely known for her acting prowess, has been grappling with the challenges of getting her directorial debut, “The Chronology of Water,” off the ground. Despite her determination, the project has faced hurdles in securing financing, leading Stewart to take a firm stance earlier this year, declaring to Variety that she wouldn’t embark on another movie until she realized her vision.

While the fate of her directorial venture hangs in the balance, audiences can anticipate Stewart’s upcoming performances in “Love Me” and “Love Lies Bleeding.” These two projects offer distinct narratives, showcasing Stewart’s versatility as she delves into characters entangled in complex romantic relationships.

Katy M. O'Brian and Kristen Stewart as Jackie and Lou in "Love Lies Bleeding."
Katy M. O’Brian and Kristen Stewart as Jackie and Lou in “Love Lies Bleeding.”

Navigating the Film Industry: Kristen Stewart’s Insights and Aspirations

In “Love Lies Bleeding,” a gritty portrayal of American life penned and directed by Brit Rose Glass, Stewart assumes the role of Lou, a gym manager ensnared in a passionate affair with aspiring bodybuilder Jackie, portrayed by Katy M. O’Brian. Set against the backdrop of 1980s New Mexico, their love story takes a perilous turn as they become embroiled in Lou’s crime-ridden family dynamics, presided over by the formidable Ed Harris.

The film, reminiscent of the spirit of “Bonnie and Clyde” infused with the Coen Brothers’ trademark style, blends elements of nostalgia with a forward-looking approach. It unfolds as a queer love saga tinged with gritty realism and pulsating with palpable tension. Reflecting on her collaboration with Glass, Stewart shared insights with CNN, emphasizing the valuable lessons gleaned from the experience.

Stewart’s multifaceted career trajectory, from child star to acclaimed actor and potential director, underscores her wealth of experience in navigating the intricacies of the film industry. Having worked alongside esteemed directors such as David Cronenberg, Pablo Larraín, and Olivier Assayas, Stewart brings a wealth of knowledge and insights to her craft.

Glass, buoyed by the success of her debut feature “Saint Maud,” envisioned Stewart as the ideal fit for the role of Lou in “Love Lies Bleeding.” The collaboration marked a significant leap in scale for Glass, who infused the narrative with dark humor, raw emotion, and a touch of surrealism. Stewart’s unwavering commitment to the project resonated with Glass, fostering a creative synergy that elevated the film.

Writer-director Rose Glass and actor Kristen Stewart in discussion on the set of "Love Lies Bleeding."
Writer-director Rose Glass and actor Kristen Stewart in discussion on the set of “Love Lies Bleeding.”

Charting the Future: Kristen Stewart’s Vision for Collaborative Filmmaking

Acknowledging her evolving perspective as an actor, Stewart admitted to becoming discerning in her choice of directors. She embraced the opportunity to fully immerse herself in Glass’s directorial vision, entrusting her instincts and creative vision to guide her performance. Stewart’s candid reflections shed light on the dynamics of collaboration and the importance of fostering mutual trust and respect on set.

Looking ahead, Stewart aspires to emulate the collaborative spirit she witnessed on the set of “Love Lies Bleeding.” She emphasized the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded individuals who prioritize collective creativity over personal agendas. For Stewart, the essence of filmmaking lies in the seamless fusion of diverse perspectives and instincts, culminating in a shared vision brought to life on screen.

As Stewart contemplates her future endeavors, one thing remains certain: her unwavering commitment to her craft and her refusal to be confined by industry norms. With “Love Lies Bleeding” poised to captivate audiences, Stewart’s journey as an artist continues to evolve, promising new insights and creative endeavors on the horizon.

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