Kate Hudson's Tiny Treasures: The Surprising Story Behind Her 10-Cent 'Home Alone 2' Residual Checks
Kate Hudson's Tiny Treasures: The Surprising Story Behind Her 10-Cent 'Home Alone 2' Residual Checks

Kate Hudson Shares Anecdote About Receiving Tiny Residual Checks for ‘Home Alone 2’, a Surprising Movie Role

In the midst of last year’s SAG-AFTRA strike, one recurring topic dominated conversations among actors: residual checks, or rather, the pitiful amounts some were receiving. From Mandy Moore’s whopping 81 cents to Abbott Elementary star William Stanford Davis’s meager three cents, it seemed like the residuals were anything but substantial. With the strike now behind us, there’s hope for an uptick in these payments. However, for now, let’s take a moment to marvel at the minuscule checks occasionally landing in Kate Hudson’s mailbox for a film role that many might not even realize she had.


Kate Hudson’s Pocket Change: Insights into Hollywood’s Residuals

According to The Hollywood Reporter, during a recent episode of her podcast, Sibling Revelry, co-hosted with her brother Oliver, Hudson delved into the topic of residuals with guest Joey Lawrence. As they discussed Lawrence’s enduring residuals from childhood commercials, the conversation prompted Hudson to reflect on her own experiences.

Surprising listeners, Hudson revealed, “I still get residuals from Home Alone 2 because I sang in the chorus. I’m in that chorus, and then I get 10 cents every once in a while.”

Have you ever spotted a young Kate Hudson in the background of Home Alone 2’s holiday choir scene? You’d have to possess a keen eye and remember what she looked like at 11 years old amidst a sea of other children. Interestingly, this means that Hudson shares a cinematic credit with the actor who notoriously delivered the world’s worst Valentine’s Day message this year.

In an industry where every role, no matter how minor, can lead to residual payments, Hudson’s story serves as a reminder of the unpredictable and often humble beginnings of actors’ residual income streams.

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