Hollywood News, Jeremy Renner
Hollywood News, Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner is determined to make a triumphant return to his iconic role as Hawkeye in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) following a harrowing snowplow accident that almost cost him his life last year.

The actor, who has been openly sharing his recovery journey, recently resumed filming for the third season of Mayor of Kingstown in January. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Renner expressed his readiness to don the bow and arrow once again if Marvel Studios decides to bring him back into the superhero fold.

“I’m always game,” Jeremy Renner affirmed when asked about reprising his role as the skilled archer. “I’m gonna be strong enough, that’s for sure. I’ll be ready. All those guys come to my bedside, and they’ve been with me all along through this recovery, so… if they want me, they could have me. It would be something.”

Jeremy Renner’s determination stems from a catastrophic incident on January 1, 2023, where he suffered multiple fractures in a snowplow accident near his Nevada home. Attempting to assist his nephew by using a snowcat, Renner found himself in a perilous situation when the vehicle veered off course. Despite his efforts to stop it, he was tragically pulled under the tracks, resulting in severe chest trauma and orthopedic injuries.

Jeremy Renner’s Road to Redemption: Overcoming Setbacks for a Heroic Comeback

Providing an update on his recovery and MCU’s future, Renner acknowledged the ongoing process of healing. “Recovery will be part of the rest of my life,” he stated. Despite facing an uphill battle, the actor remains optimistic about his progress, emphasizing his commitment to health and wellness.

“[I’m doing] probably 90 percent of all the things I needed to be doing… I think another six months will be hopefully running [more]… I got to set goals for myself. I’ll do whatever I can… whatever it takes to get better, to get stronger,” Renner explained. “The rest of my life is about health and wellness. Recovery will be part of the rest of my life, so I look forward to it, man. There’s always something to do to get better, be stronger, be happier, be healthier, and that’s what I look forward to.”

Jeremy Renner’s journey as Hawkeye began in 2011 with his debut in Thor, followed by a prominent role in the first Avengers film. In 2022, he headlined the Disney+ series Hawkeye alongside Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop. While the actor’s return to the MCU remains uncertain, fans can eagerly anticipate Phase 5 of the cinematic universe while Renner continues his inspiring path to recovery.


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