Jennifer Lawrence Dishes On Her ‘Stressful’ Wedding Day, Recalls Telling Robert De Niro To ‘Go Home’ During Her Rehearsal Dinner.
Jennifer Lawrence Dishes On Her ‘Stressful’ Wedding Day, Recalls Telling Robert De Niro To ‘Go Home’ During Her Rehearsal Dinner.

Lights, cameras, but not so much action Jennifer Lawrence spills the beans on her 2019 wedding to Cooke Maroney, and it turns out, it was anything but a stress-free fairy tale. The Golden Globes red carpet turned into a confessional for the “No Hard Feelings” actress as she opened up about the not-so-blissful moments behind the scenes of her nuptials.

Jennifer Lawrence On Her Weddings Culprit

Lawrence, 33, admitted that being a bride was not the walk in the park one might imagine. She described the whole experience as “awful.” The culprit? The relentless worry about her guests having a good time turns the joyous occasion into a pressure cooker of stress. “You’re not having fun. You’re just like, ‘Is that person having fun?’” she confessed to E! News.

Jennifer Lawrence And Her Star-Studded Guest List

Even the star-studded guest list, including heavyweights like Robert De Niro, didn’t escape the chaos. Jennifer Lawrence revealed that during the rehearsal dinner, she was so concerned about De Niro not enjoying himself that she discreetly suggested he “go home.” The 80-year-old acting legend, who had collaborated with Lawrence on films like “Silver Linings Playbook,” “American Hustle,” and “Joy,” took the advice gracefully and exited the scene. Lawrence admitted, “That just genuinely made me feel better.”

The private ceremony took place at the historic Belcourt of Newport mansion in Rhode Island, surrounded by A-listers like Adele, Kris Jenner, and Emma Stone. However, Lawrence’s attention was not on the glitz and glamour but rather on her guests’ comfort. She recalled fretting about everyone being cold, only to discover her friends were sparing her the truth. “Nobody’s cold, everything’s fine,” they reassured her. But her mom had a different story to tell: “It’s freezing out there. Your grandmother almost died,” she recalled.

This candid revelation marks the first time Jennifer Lawrence has peeled back the layers of her intimate wedding day. While she kept her Dior wedding gown under wraps, stashing it in its hotel room, paparazzi managed to capture glimpses of a sequined neckline. Maroney, on the other hand, played it classic with a dapper tuxedo.

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